Eating Meat Prevents Plaque

A new study conducted by Newcastle University and the University of Michigan has found that a naturally occurring amino acid can significantly improve our oral health and potentially help millions of people avoid cavities and gum disease. L-arginine is found in meat, poultry, fish and dairy products and can prevent the formation of dental plaque.

The Benefits of L-Arginine

The common amino acid is actually already used in some toothpaste and mouthwash products as it protects against tooth sensitivity. Lecturer at Newcastle University’s School of Dental Sciences, Dr Nick Jakubovics said that the same concentrations of L-arginine used in the toothpaste could potentially help combat dental plaque. This finding then lead him to believe that this amino acid could also help protect against gum disease: a “major potential benefit.”

“At present, around 10-15% of adults in the Western world have advanced gum disease which can lead to loose teeth and even tooth loss. Therefore, there is a clear need for better methods to control dental plaque,” Dr Jakubovics said. These methods include the use of chemicals to kill the plaque bacteria, but this can affect a person’s sense of taste and potentially stain teeth.

Keep Up with Good Dental Hygiene

Although consuming a lot of red meat might help in preventing dental plaque, people still need to have a good dental hygiene system in place. A high-quality dentist, such as us here at Cliftonville, will help you develop an effective routine to help remove the plaque and bacteria that regularly remains after teeth brushing, which will then assist in preventing cavities and gum disease.

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