Mythbusters: The Dental Edition

Growing up, you hear many stories about your teeth and oral health from older family members. But do you know which are fact or fiction? This mythbusters guide to dental health will help you determine the truth. Find out whether you believed in a tall tale.

Toothpicks Widen the Gaps between Teeth

Using a toothpick will not widen the gaps between teeth. But toothpicks aren’t the safest method for extracting food, as they can damage gums and soft mouth tissue. Dental floss is the best way to remove unwanted food between teeth and is gentle on gums.

There is Fluoride in Tap Water

Yes, there is fluoride in the UK’s water supply, but only about 10 percent have high enough fluoride levels to actually benefit dental health. People can find out more about the fluoride in their water through contacting their water supplier.

Over-Brushing Teeth Equals a Shiny Smile

Excessively brushing teeth is actually just as harmful to dental health as not brushing teeth at all. This is because it can hurt gums and wear down tooth enamel. Weak tooth enamel can cause tooth sensitivity. Dentists recommend brushing twice daily for two minutes each time.

Bad Brushing Causes Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by a few different factors, including food consumption and illnesses. As long as people brush and floss twice daily and visit their local dentist regularly for check-ups, they can be assured their bad breath is not as a result of their oral health. If bad breath is a concern, ask a dentist as they may know whether it is related to dental hygiene or a different factor.

An Aspirin on a Tooth Relieves Pain

This is an old wives’ tale – the only effective way to take an aspirin is to swallow it. This allows the aspirin to absorb into the body through the digestive tract. Putting an aspirin on your tooth can actually cause an acidic chemical burn, which will add pain, not offer relief.

There are many myths when it comes to dental health. If you are wondering whether something you heard is true, ask us and we will happily debunk any myths.

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