Caring for Your Teeth Away From Home

If you travel for work or are going away for the weekend, make sure you don’t forget to bring good oral care habits with you! Here are five easy ways to ensure you stay on track with caring for your teeth while away from home.

1. Proper toothbrush storage

Be sure to wash and dry your travel case thoroughly after each trip to remove debris and bacteria. This includes your toothbrush, too, which should never be put back into your travel case while wet. Shake out and store your brush upright in a cup to allow the bristles to dry out.

2. Flossing

Don’t forget your flossing habits when you are on the road – you’ll need it most will all that away-from-home snacking. You can find travel-size dental floss that hooks onto your keys or use dental floss picks that make it easy to clean up while you’re out for the night.

3. Healthy snacks

Try to avoid sugars altogether while you’re away to ensure a healthy diet and good dental care routine. Instead, opt for carrots and broccoli snacks, and water to stay hydrated. Your teeth will thank you.

4. Stop using your teeth to break or open things

Invest in a small pair of scissors or a Swiss Army Knife if you find yourself continuously using your teeth as a tool. Dental chips and crack seems to always happen when we are away from home, so avoid putting too much stress on your teeth.

5. Contact your hotel staff or embassy for assistance in finding a dentist

In the case of an emergency, word of mouth and recommendations are a great help. Put your worries aside and ask your embassy or hotel concierge what the best option is for your dental emergency; they are there to help you.

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