20 Reasons Why You Should Floss More

There is a reason why your dentist is so adamant about you flossing. From overall health, to your immune system, tooth pain, and your wallet – flossing makes an immense impact on your life. The sooner you incorporate it into your daily regimen, the quicker you will see the roaring benefits.

Here are 20 reasons why flossing is so important:

  1. It reaches the places your toothbrush can’t get to.
  2. It eliminates bad breath caused by rotten food between your teeth.
  3. It prevents dry mouth by eliminating bacteria.
  4. It fights tartar caused by plaque buildup.
  5. It prevents gingivitis, and periodontal diseases.
  6. It helps maintain and prolong previous dental work.
  7. It alleviates tooth sensitivity and enamel breakdown.
  8. It improves and eventually prevents bleeding gums.
  9. It relieves pain by removing hardened tartar.
  10. It removes plaque and food particles that stain your teeth, giving you a whiter smile.
  11. It prevents expensive dental procedures and saves you money!
  12. It aids in healthy living and disease prevention for those with suppressed immune systems.
  13. It improves the appearance of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue.
  14. It prevents bone and tooth loss.
  15. It reduces the risk of premature birth in pregnant women.
  16. It reduces the risk of heart attack by preventing bacteria from entering the bloodstream.
  17. It reduces the risk of strokes by preventing bacteria from making its way to your brain.
  18. It reduces your risk of dementia.
  19. It reduces your risk of periodontitis if you have diabetes.
  20. It prevents mouth and stomach ulcers.
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