5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Dentist Appointment

Depending on the procedure, dentist appointments can take up a significant amount of time in your day. Here are five ways to ensure you are in and out as quickly as possible:

Pre-fill New Patient Paperwork

If this is your first appointment, see if you can get the necessary paperwork before your appointment so that pertinent information can be filled out and submitted upon arrival. You’ll save time sitting in the waiting room. 

Book Early Appointments

When you secure early morning appointments, you are more likely to experience shorter wait times. Because the office day is just getting started, the backlog of late patient arrivals likely hasn’t kicked in yet. Arriving early means leaving early!

Avoid Being Late

Don’t arrive late and expect to be seen immediately: your lateness might leave you waiting longer than the appointment itself! If the patient scheduled after you has already arrived, you’ll have to wait for the next availability.

Leave Your Payment Information on File 

If you already know what your fees are and feel comfortable with automatic payments, inquire about leaving your card on file. You can save time instead of waiting for your visit’s invoice to be printed and payment collected.

Take Care of Your Teeth

It’s no secret that routine check ups are significantly quicker than major dental work. Do yourself (and your schedule) a favour and remember to brush and floss daily to avoid cavities and gum disease.

If you suspect you have a cavity, schedule an appointment with us now.

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