9 Foods That Promote Oral Health

Your diet affects all aspect of your physical health, including oral hygiene and wellness. But sometimes, what is great for weight loss or muscle gain may still be quite detrimental to your teeth. Here are 9 foods to add to your diet that promote oral health:

  1. Berries: avoid overdoing it with citrus fruits, which erode enamel overtime, and enjoy berries as a replacement for sweets. Malic acid is a natural enamel whitener and promotes a bright smile.
  2. Apples: apples are another fruit that scrub your teeth. High in fiber, apples are great for removing plaque after a meal. Though sweet, the sugar content in apples is outweighed by the high percentage of water, which dilutes the sugar and helps promote saliva flow and wash away bacteria.
  3. High fiber veggies: leafy greens require a lot of chewing, helping stimulate saliva flow. Good digestion is a bonus, as well, and high fiber veggies help scrub away plaque build up.
  4. Turkey: full of phosphorus and protein, turkey helps your body fight tooth decay by keeping them strong.
  5. Nuts: are also good sources of phosphorus, which helps strengthen the enamel. Be sure to choose the unsalted ones.
  6. Cheese: besides being rich in calcium, cheese helps neutralize acid from the food and beverages you consume.
  7. Dairy: in addition to cheese, milk and other dairy products provide a significant source of calcium, which helps strengthen your bones and tooth enamel.
  8. Sugarless gum: helps stimulate saliva production, which keeps your teeth clean. Gums that are sweetened with xylitol actually reduce bacteria, as well.
  9. Water: helps wash acid off of your teeth. Drinking water also contains fluoride to help fight against tooth erosion.

All of these foods are great for continuing a healthy diet, but will also be kinder to your teeth. Now you’ll look great, feel great, and have a bright, healthy smile with it!

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