5 Holiday Red flags for your Smile

The holidays are almost here: this means family and friends getting together to eat and drink all sorts of tasty fares that are harmful to your teeth. It is a time when we should be brushing and flossing more often, but will most likely do it less.

Be careful! Here are five red flags to watch out for this season that will do more harm than good to your smile:

Festive Sweets

The holidays offer lots of treats and desserts that everyone loves, but the increased intake will be tough on your teeth. Candy canes and popcorn and other hard bonbons will increase your risk of a cracked or chipped tooth, and gummy sweets will seep into the crevices of your teeth and hide away in their new “home”.

Holiday Cocktails

The sugar, acid, and staining from cocktails and wine will not be your friend this holiday season. Make sure to brush after drinking to clear away the enamel-damaging acid. If you can’t brush, try to drink water in between beverages to rinse your teeth.

Feast Dinners

Watch out for the acidic cranberry that accompanies your turkey, cooked starches, or the gingerbread cookies that accompany dessert this holiday.

Nuts and Seeds

Your teeth are not tools! Do not crack open nuts and seeds with your teeth. There are real tools for that. You risk fracturing or chipping a tooth and waiting in A&E because your dentist is away eating at his or her own Christmas dinner.

Busy Schedule

Tis’ the season to travel, celebrate, and lose track of everything else – including your oral hygiene. Don’t let your schedule get in the way of your brushing routine. Try to brush and floss at least after every meal and remember to bring travel-size products with you. If you find it to be difficult to remember to brush while out, try to chew sugarless gum instead.

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