7 Awesome Dentist-Approved Kid’s Stocking Stuffers

If you’re wondering what treats to add to your child’s stocking this Christmas, here are seven dentist-approved stocking stuffers for kids of all ages. Your children will love it, their teeth will appreciate it, and your wallet will be grateful.


Giving your child a timer to create better brushing and flossing habits is a great stocking stuffer idea. You can find up to 60-minute timers in your kid’s favorite bright color at your local department or home goods store.

Unsalted nuts

For a healthy snack that’ll be safe on their teeth, opt for a variety of unsalted nuts (without the shells) to replace sweets.

Cartoon themed toothbrush and toothpaste

Get your child excited about brushing his or her teeth by finding a favourite character-themed toothbrush. You’ve hit gold if you can find toothpaste with a matching theme as well.

Sugar-free bonbons

If you are going to drop a few sweets in the stocking as a treat, try to choose sugar-free goodies. The earlier you help your child fall in love with snacks that aren’t packed with sugar, the easier it will be to continue providing sweets that are less harmful to their teeth.

Flavored Floss

Make flossing fun and tasty by giving a gift of flavored floss. Be sure to demonstrate proper flossing techniques and teach your child how to add this new, tasty floss to his or her brushing routine.

Electric toothbrush

What was once an expensive splurge has become super affordable. Look into purchasing a simple battery-powered toothbrush for your child. Spinning brushes remove up to 70% more plaque than a standard brush and will help give your child a deeper clean.

Mouth Guard

If your kids are into sports, why not buy them a couple of colorful mouth guards? It will help protect their teeth from fractures and trauma, and save you money on future dental work. Plus, all the cool kids are doing it.

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