Party Dishes That Are Kind to Your Teeth

It’s quite hard to plan party dishes for the holidays and please everyone. It is even more difficult to plan party dishes that will still be healthy for your diet and teeth, as well as tasty. Here are four party dish ideas and the benefits they bring to your overall oral wellness.

Carrots & broccoli bowl: Not all chewing is bad for our teeth. Eating carrots are one of the ways we can use chewing for good, by cleansing the teeth and breaking up plaque. The extra chewing also helps continue the flow of saliva, further fighting oral bacteria. Broccoli is a highly praised super food that is rich in vitamin C and E and a good source of vitamin B12 and calcium: your teeth, gums, and bones will grateful thank you.

Unsalted nuts & raisins: Since raisins are naturally sweet, they don’t contain extra sucrose and will be a great snack for guests with a sweet tooth. There are also compounds in raisins that may help kill cavity-causing bacteria. Nuts are packed with phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and zinc, which are practically Christmas gifts to your body and teeth.

Cheese platter: Eating cheese lowers oral acidity and helps neutralize plaque acid. Another chewing food, cheese consumption is great for saliva production. The calcium in cheese also promotes strong teeth and bones.

Fruit platter: berries are tasty and natural teeth whiteners, and rich in vitamin C – a natural collagen booster. Apples have high water content, dilute the effects of its sugar, and are great for stimulating saliva flow and protecting against decay. They are also high in fiber and therefore have a “scrubbing effect” when eaten.

In addition to your dental-friendly platters, help keep your guests on track by having sugarless gum and water readily available between meals and snacks. The key is to continue to clear away plaque and mouth bacteria as everyone enjoys the party. Have fun!

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