5 Facts You Need to Know About Gum Recession

Most commonly seen in adults and the elderly, a receding gum line is a problem for people of all ages. If you are worried about or currently battling a receding gum line, here are 5 important facts and easy solutions that can help you understand your gums better and how to improve them.


  1. Gum Disease Causes Gums To Recede

If your gums are receding, it might be due to gum disease. Gum disease is an infection around the teeth that destroys bones and gum tissue. There are many causes of gum disease but smoking tobacco takes the cake on drastically increasing one’s probability of having gum disease.


  1. Brushing Too Hard Causes Gum Recession, Too

The biggest mistake most patients make is brushing their teeth too roughly in an effort to scrub off plaque and immediately acquire white teeth. The only problem is that rough brushing is horror to your gums and enamel. The aggressive scrubbing damages the gum line and wears down your enamel, leaving receding gums and damaged teeth. Stick to soft toothbrushes and brush in slow, circular motions.


  1. Sometimes It Is Just Genes

If you feel like you’ve done all the right things but still can’t avoid receding gums, realize that it could also just be a part of your genetic makeup and there’s not much you can do to prevent gum recession other than continue to take care of your teeth and visit the dentist regularly.


  1. Grafting Therapies Can Treat Receding Gums

This type of periodontal treatment can treat receding gums, but the best therapy (and prevention) is proper dental care and follow ups.


  1. Braces Might Treat Your Gums, Too

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, consider orthodontic treatment to not just help correct your bite but also provide a better opportunity for your gums to improve.


Use your new knowledge about receding gums to make smarter, more informed decisions about gum and dental health and pass the information on. If you’d like to receive a deeper evaluation of your gums due to pain, swelling, redness, or bleeding, contact us here at Cliftonville to make an appointment.





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