8 Reasons For Your Bad Breath

If your morning breath has found its way lingering throughout the day, you might be suffering from embarrassment due to bad breath. While bad breath may have a plethora of causes, here are the top 8 reasons why you might have bad breath.


  1. Smoking

Besides leading to gum disease and oral cancer, smoking and chewing tobacco gives you bad breath. You may be used to it or not want to believe it, but if you smoke, you are battling bad breath all day. Consider weaning off and eventually quitting for better oral and lung health.


  1. Coffee

Your morning energy fix is harming your all-day breath. Try decreasing your coffee intake to alleviate the stale coffee smell on your tongue.


  1. Dry Mouth
    Staying hydrated is difficult when you have a busy schedule. Once you start losing track of your water intake, you fail to realise how dehydrated you become and how much bacteria is causing your breath to smell unpleasant. Set an alarm for your water intake and avoid sodas, alcohol, and other sugar drinks.


  1. Old Food Is Rotting In Your Mouth

If you don’t floss often you may be a victim of trapped food, plaque, and bacteria in your mouth and between your teeth. As the old food wedged between your teeth continues to rot, your bad breath will only grow stronger. Try eating watery fruits and veggies after a meal to help clean, scrub, and produce saliva in your mouth.


  1. Gum Disease is Directly Connected to Halitosis

Not only is the food wedged between your teeth beginning to skunk, but also the bacteria building up may cause gum disease if it hasn’t already.

  1. Medications Can Have Bad Side Effects

If you take any medications that cause acid reflux, vomiting, or dry mouth, your medicines might just be the culprit of your bad breath. Talk to your doctor about possible solutions.


  1. Throat and Sinus Illnesses Are Also Contributors

Being sick is no joke, especially when it leaves you with less than pleasant breath. Colds, respiratory illnesses, and diabetes are just a few internal illnesses that interfere with your breath’s “freshness”. Head to your primary doctor if you feel like you may need a more thorough check-up.


  1. Dirty Dentures Are a Bacteria Hub

If you wear dentures, don’t forget to keep up with maintenance and thorough cleaning. After a while, any neglected dentures will begin to smell and in turn cause your breath to smell.


Now that you have the sources of your bad breath it is time to work on improving and eliminating them. Book your annual check up for a cleaning and consider investing in a new electric toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash to create better habits this year.






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