Is Brushing Before Bed Really That Important?

You brush in the morning and even sometimes after meals, but your dentist stresses to brush right before bed, as well. Is brushing your teeth before you go to bed really that important or is it something you can skip out on after a long, exhausting day? Sometimes you just forget, right? Here’s why brushing your teeth before you go to bed is absolutely essential.

As you go about your day, plaque begins to build up along your gum line. Brushing during the day (especially after meals) helps ward off the fast bacterial growth, but doesn’t catch it all. Did you know that even after you brush your teeth germs and bacteria are already reclaiming their territory in your mouth?

beautiful young indian woman in pajamas brushing teeth

When you forget to brush your teeth before bed (especially after that sweet midnight snack – don’t worry, we won’t tell) you provide an ideal environment for bacteria to develop and multiply, undisturbed. Your mouth is most vulnerable during sleep because of the drastic reduction in saliva. When saliva is not around to fight breeding germs you surrender your oral well-being to bacteria and risk a number of health and periodontal complications.

So what happens when you leave your mouth defenseless as you sleep?

1. The absence of saliva allows germs to multiply, causing plaque build up.
2. The bacteria in your mouth will begin to break down your enamel, cause decay, and eventually result in tooth loss.
3. Plaque build up causes you to develop bad breath and bleeding gums.
4. Your teeth will also begin to stain from tartar, and any staining from beverages (like coffee and tea) will remain.
5. You can develop gum disease and other life-threatening ailments.

Convincing enough? Make an effort to change your brushing habits by setting a reminder on your phone and creating a wellness routine. Be sure to use a soft bristled toothbrush, fluoride paste, and floss, and make an effort to avoid sugars during the hours before bed.

Once you’ve secured your bedtime brushing routine, be sure to check that you are on schedule with your yearly dental cleanings to maintain your healthy smile.

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