Oral-B Bring Smartphone Technology to the Bathroom

ORAL-B have brought a ‘smart’ toothbrush to the market. The brush is designed to identify which parts of the mouth you are neglecting when you brush.

An average of 75% of Brits and Americans take their smartphone with them to the bathroom whilst they brush their teeth.

Oral-B brand manager Ale Apostoli explains that ‘people may as well make good use of their time spent in the bathroom with their smartphone’ by using it to help them out with their oral health.

The brush (or device) name ‘Genuis’, works by pairing with a smartphone app. Users must stand in front of their smartphone camera while cleaning their teeth in order for it tow work successfully.

7 years of research has gone into developing this smart brush. It is built with many different sensors which allow it to monitor how long you brushed for, how much pressure you are applying (too much or too little), whether you flossed, cleaned you tongue properly and rinsed.

Oral-B are also using the brush to monitor how often their customers are using the brush. Since launching the brush and collecting the data, people who have bought the brush have increased they’re brushing time to an average of 2 minutes and 28 seconds, proving that the brush encourages people to invest in their oral health.

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