The Worst/Best Sweets/Confectionary For Braces

  1. Caramel. As it is extremely sweet and sticky, caramel is the arch nemesis of braces. It can easily become lodged in between the nooks and crannies of your braces which then does damage to your brace and your teeth. It also makes it difficult to clean your brace.

Alternative? Algave Syrup – although it’s not solid candy, algave syrup is a great sugar alternative that you can add to natural yoghurt – delicious!


  1. Popcorn. It is best to avoid all types of popcorn whilst you are wearing braces – especially the toffee-covered kind. What’s more is that the kernals can damage your braces, getting stuck between your teeth and causing discomfort.

Alternative? Although it’s still sweet, gingerbread is a good alternative as it does not interfere with your braces like other sweet foods do. If you are going to break the rules when you’re undergoing braces treatment, this is probably the lesser of quite a few evils!

  1. Red wine. Red wine contains tannis which stains the teeth and wears down the enamel – considerably more than other alcoholic drinks.

Alternative? It is a really big no-no to drink red wine if you’re wearing braces, but if you’re going to, be sure to consume a large glass of water to wash away the tannis. Try to brush your teeth about an hour after drinking red wine, as if left any longer, the teeth start to stain (plaque starts building up roughly 3 hours after eating)!

 Brace-friendly kids foods/meals


  1. Macaroni & Cheese. Cheese is famously good for your teeth and even proved to make your teeth stronger due to the calcium it contains. As well as being teeth-friendly, it also doesn’t get stuck in and around braces. Macaroni is also a good choice as it is a smooth rather than crunchy carb.
  2. Ice Cream. So many foods are off-limits with braces, but luckily not this one! Ironically this is the food type that gives your teeth momentary hell from it’s temperature! However, it’s certainly a desert that’s not going to get stuck in your brace and jeopardise your child’s recovery (unless you feed them nothing else but ice-cream!).
  3. Buritos are a good choice as their contents is made up of soft and healthy and tooth-friendly foods. Rice, beef, pork, cheese, avocado, tomato and salsa are staple foods that will not affect your child’s braces, providing they have a good cleaning routine in place for after mealtimes.
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