The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening brings benefits that stretch far beyond aesthetics. Here are a few reasons why teeth whitening is the life investment that you won’t regret…


  • Start-a-fresh – teeth whitening requires you to have a full deep-clean conducted by our hygienist here at Cliftonville. This means any unwanted plaque and tartar is removed, allowing you to have healthier and smarter-looking teeth.
  • A whiter smile is associated with a healthy lifestyle.
  • There are no harmful or inconveniencing side effects.
  • In-house professional teeth whitening is much safer than at home kits. This is because in a dental practice, the process is bespoke. The whitening trays used are bespoke to your teeth, which means the mould is a perfect fit and there is no possibility of the whitening agent damaging your gums. However, at-home kits include pre-made whitening trays that are not built for your specific tooth-structure, which exposes you to the risk of damage, as the whitening agent can leek into your gums.
  • Dentists have the full training to carryout this procedure safely, whilst at-home kits are DIY. Beauty therapists do not have sufficient training to complete this procedure safely either.
  • Teeth whitening can minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

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What does the process involve?

This is a safe and popular procedure if carried out by specialists. Your dentist will cover your teeth with a rubber shield or gel in order to protect your teeth from the ‘active ingredient’. This product will be applied to your teeth through the use of a custom-fitted tray which protects your teeth from harm. The product used is usually either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Your teeth become white when the active ingredient is broken down and allows oxygen to access the enamel on your teeth which in turn, changes the state of your teeth.

What else do I need to know?

There are rarely any side effects that arise from having your teeth whitened. A mild side effect is that your teeth may be hostile towards cold foods for a few days after the treatment but this will subside soon afterwards.

It is imperative that this procedure is carried out by a specialist. In Europe, certain countries impose a law that makes it illegal for beauty therapists carry out the treatment at all as the risks are unpredictable, though this is certainly not true of our team here at Cliftonville, who possess the correct training and expertise.

Whitening a single tooth

Some teeth can go dead after a root filling and if this tooth is rooted, the canal containing the nerve can reopen. Whitening gel can be applied from the inside to whiten the tooth.

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