Feel Divine with Invisalign

Is the thought of attracting attention to your teeth making you reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment? You no longer need to wish for straight teeth with minimal hassle – it’s actually possible! There is a discreet option available for you in the form of Invisalign. This is an undetectable and clear-finish alternative to traditional braces, which straightens teeth whilst also conveniently fitting into your lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy the foods you like. Here we elaborate on some of the key advantages of the Invisalign experience.

Invisalign invisible plastic teeth aligner with dental plaster mold in the background

Invisalign invisible plastic teeth aligner.


Invisalign braces are practically invisible, so unlike traditional braces, your friends and family will not notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign there are no metal brackets used or wires to tighten due to the aligner being made from a safe BPA-free plastic. Invisalign is true to its name by being the most invisible option available to you.

Treatment time

The typical time period can be between 6-18 months depending on your circumstances. This is based completely on your own personal requirements, rather than just the complexity of the straightening issue. Not only does Invisalign perfect your smile, but also fits into your day-to-day lifestyle.


Invisalign uses 3D computer imaging technology to custom make sets of aligners for the duration of your treatment. Each set is specifically adapted to move your teeth gradually from their original position towards a final projected placement.  The aligners are to be replaced every two weeks and you will be able to see a noticeable result from each step of the process, before the treatment has even completed.


As no metal wires or brackets are used, Invisalign reduces the risk of gum disease and cavities. The clear braces can be removed at any time so you can briefly remove them for occasions such as social events, sports and playing musical instruments. You can also remove the brace when you are eating or drinking – so there are no unsightly issues of food getting caught within the brace. Invisalign creates a more comfortable experience for you over the timespan of the orthodontic treatment.



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