Why teeth whitening makes the perfect Christmas gift….

Whether it is a special treat to yourself or to help a loved one regain their confidence, teeth whitening makes a great Christmas gift.

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The benefits of teeth whitening

Each year many of us set ourselves goals and resolutions because we feel more confident that we can start with a clean slate and make some improvements to our lives. If you or a loved one have slightly let dental health slide in the past year, teeth whitening can give what might be a much needed dose of confidence so that the new year can be the beginning of a healthier future.

More than simply aesthetic…

Many people only think of teeth whitening as a purely aesthetic treatment though it can bring about great oral health benefits, changing the way you go about your dental routine. Why? You may have built up a layer of plaque and tartar on your teeth which is the sign of poor dental hygiene and poor brushing. Before the whitening stage can be carried out by your dentist, you will need to have these surface stains removed by the hygienist, who will perform a scale and polish of your teeth. In totally removing all stains and subsequently whitening your teeth, you are giving yourself the chance to essentially ‘reset’ your smile, giving you the chance to make up for some of the damage you caused your teeth prior to treatment.

Another health-orientated point to draw attention to is that by allowing plaque and tartar to remain on your tooth enamel, you become more likely to develop gum disease which can develop into periodontitis. If you would like to have plaque and tartar removed from your teeth but do not wish to have your teeth whitened, please contact us and we can arrange an appointment with the hygienist for you (see our blog about the role of a hygienist here)

Teeth whitening for Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, friends and socialising. Teeth whitening is the perfect way of looking your best for all the festive parties and gatherings! Many of our patients come to us with very little confidence due to having discoloured and stained teeth and feel self-conscious about smiling as a result. Help someone you love restore their confidence and desire to smile with the gift of teeth whitening!


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