Why is orthodontic treatment essential to your health?

Orthodontic treatment is generally associated with aesthetics and having a good-looking smile. However, orthodontic treatment is so much more than cosmetic. If left untreated, misaligned, crowded and protruding teeth can impact upon your welfare including self-esteem and overall health.

How do orthodontic complications affect your health?

  • Increased chances of developing gum disease and tooth decay – When you have crowded or misaligned teeth, you have unnatural gaps in your teeth. These gaps become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria in the form of plaque and tartar. When these are allowed to hang around for a while, your chances of periodontitis (gum disease) increase. Orthodontic treatment will tackle these gaps and give your teeth a healthier structure and in turn, improve your dental hygiene for the long term. 
  • Jaw problems – Orthodontics encompasses treating complications in the jaw. When your teeth sit in the wrong place and do not meet in the right place, the cause is a misaligned jaw which can be responsible for chronic headaches, neck pain and pain around the eyes. If left untreated, this will begin affecting other aspects of your life, interfering with your sleep, your breathing and how you break down your food. 
  • Improve your bite – As mentioned above, the way your upper and lower teeth meet when they come together is more important that you might think. When your teeth do not meet, this can cause excessive wear on your tooth enamel (the protective coating on your teeth). Once this coating is gone, it is gone forever and you are greatly exposed to decay. It is paramount that you take preventative measures to ensure that your bite is healthy.
  • Difficulty keeping up a healthy dental hygiene routine – Crooked and crowded teeth make it very difficult to floss and therefore more challenging to remove food particles and bacteria from tenacious spots in your teeth.
  • Emotional wellbeing – Having a crooked smile can leave you feeling under confident and reticent to smile. Orthodontic treatment is an investment in your future wellbeing.
  • Absorb nutrients more effectively – A healthy bite allows you to break foods down effectively and therefore absorb the nutrients you need.  
  • Reduced pain in your jaw – Pain in your jaw that is linked to orthodontic issues can affect other aspects of your body and be the cause of headaches, shoulder pains and earaches.

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