Why choose fillers over cosmetic surgery?

Dermal fillers are a safe and effective way of reducing signs of ageing and can give you back the confidence you’ve been lacking.


Which area of the face do dermal fillers target?

  • Lips.
  • Smokers’s lines.
  • Nose-to-lips lines.
  • Secondary smile lines on the cheek.
  • Corners of the mouth.
  • Frown lines and forehead.
  • Crow’s feet.
  • Depressed scars.
  • Hollow cheeks.
  • Lost volume in cheeks.

How do fillers work?

Fillers are gel-based and work by providing padding underneath the skin, filling out wrinkles and age lines. Dermal fillers do not eradicate age lines but reduce the depth, making your face appear more youthful-looking and smooth. Your practitioner here at Cliftonville will use a fine needle to pinpoint specific areas on the face and plumpen hollow areas, evening out the skin. You will see results almost immediately and the full effects will be seen within a matter of days.

The treatment can sometimes be uncomfortable but pain is very mild. You may experience some swelling or redness for a couple of days post-treatment. Make-up can be applied immediately after treatment and there is no recovery period associated with dermal fillers.


Dermal fillers and beauty therapists vs medical professionals

You should only ever have this treatment performed by a medical professional. There are some unqualified beauty therapists offering this treatment and this can be potentially dangerous as they do not have the medical knowledge to perform the treatment safely.


Fillers vs cosmetic surgery

Fillers present no dangers if performed by a medical professional and results are very predictable as opposed to cosmetic surgery which does not always yield the results that the patient desires. Once you have had dermal fillers a couple of times, this will lay the foundations for future treatment and make it last longer. Fillers can last up to a year although this depends on how many times you have had the treatment, genetics and lifestyle For example, someone who spends a lot of time in the sun may find the treatment wears off more quickly.


When can dermal fillers help?

Dermal fillers can help if you have:

  • Been a heavy smokers throughout your life.
  • Excessively drank.
  • Are starting to age and are developing natural signs of ageing such as wrinkles, crow’s feet and age lines.


If you would like more information about dermal fillers at Cliftonville, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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