IV sedation for nervous patients at Cliftonville

1 in 10 adults in the UK  have a form of extreme dental anxiety and here at Cliftonville we understand how a fear of the dentist can put patients off making an appointment at all.

IV sedation (intravenous sedation) can change your entire outlook where dental appointments and procedures are concerned, helping you reinvent how you feel about future treatments. The role of sedation is to make the patient feel relaxed about treatment – read on to find out more about how IV can help you.

Cliftonville’s Dr Amit Peet and her team are extremely experienced in carrying out procedures with IV sedation, having performed over 3000 cases. We will carry out an assessment to evaluate your suitability for sedation (very few patients are unsuitable) – here at Cliftonville, you are in safe, qualified hands.

What is Intravenous Sedation?

Some patients need a form of conscious sedation to help them relax for their treatment. Cliftonville offer the most common form of IV, a drug known as Midazolam which is an amnesic as well as a sedative, so you’ll find that you remember very little of the procedure itself – another benefit for nervous patients.

What happens when I undergo IV for a dental procedure?

Your dentist will place a very fine plastic tube (cannula) into a vein, generally in one of your arms or on the back of your hand. You will then be administered with the Midazolam in order to make you feel relaxed and sleepy, though you will still be able to co-operate with your dentist should they need to (for example)  ask you to open your mouth at certain points during the procedure. You’ll also be given a local anaesthetic but you won’t be aware of this as it will be given to you after the IV sedation. The anaesthetic is injected into the gum area surrounding the location you are having treated; this will render the area numb and ensure that you do not feel any pain throughout.

Listen to a video testimonial from a patient who underwent treatment under IV sedation here. 


If you would like more information about treatments here at Cliftonville, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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