Orthodontics at Cliftonville – what types of appliance do we offer?

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to mean unsightly metal braces and 1 in 5 patients seeking braces treatment is now an adult. This is principally because of the aesthetic advancements in brace designs and the minimally-invasive options to choose from. Here at Cliftonville we can help you choose the right type of treatment to fit in with your lifestyle…



Invisalign, like the Inman aligner is different from the other appliances on our list as it is removable. The treatment is comprised of a series of clear aligners that are removed by the patient every two weeks and replaced with a new aligner. You’ll need to wear your aligners 22 hours per day in order for the treatment to be a success which means you’ll be able to continue enjoying the foods you love, as you have 2 hours a day in which to eat and clean your aligners.

Invisalign is a minimally-invasive treatment and you can still do that presentation at work without


Inman aligner

Do you have crowded teeth? The Inman aligner can tackle crowded and protruding teeth in a mere few weeks. The appliance is removable and uses two opposing spring loaded aligner bars that offer gentle and continuous pressure over a wide range of movement. The Inman aligner takes between 6-16 weeks to treat patients – a fast-acting treatment that yields results quickly.


Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles offer patients the best of both worlds – an aesthetic design with the mechanics of traditional brace models.

Six Month Smiles have clear brackets that render them discreet to others and a more recent development in their design is the introduction of tooth-coloured wires, so they’re even less visible than in the past. Six Month Smiles is a forward-thinking treatment that will only continue to evolve over the years as it has since its inception.

Fixed Braces

Traditional metal fixed braces have stood the test of time and were the first ever brace type made available to patients. Metal braces now have a smaller hardware system, making them less obtrusive as they take up less room in your mouth. This improves comfort and presents less problems with speech alteration. They are used to treat more complex orthodontic issues for periods between 12-36 months and results are very predictable.



If you would like to know more about the range of adult orthodontic options, you can read more here or contact us directly.

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