Children’s dentistry and orthodontics

It’s essential that children grow up with confidence and self esteem and many children can suffer at the hands of other children because of their smile being crooked or misaligned.


Your child may need orthodontic intervention at an early stage in their life which is why it’s important to moniter your child’s teeth from the moment they first emerge. Some children benefit from early intervention as this can prevent the need for more complex and expensive treatment later down the line. As your child’s teeth are going through the most significant changes, it’s important to treat any anomalies as soon as possible and prevent any chance of occlusion.

Other issues we look out for when your child attends their appointment with us:

  • Baby teeth that has remained in place despite adult teeth having begun to emerge.
  • Widely spaced teeth or crowding.
  • Slanted-looking lower jaw.
  • Wear on the teeth that are causing an angled biting surface.
  • Problems with their bite – teeth do not meet when closed.

If you child has occlusal issues such as an overbite, underbite or cross bite, they may be susceptible to contact especially if playing sports. Protect your child from injury by looking into treatment with us here at Cliftonville.

Discreet braces for your child’s teeth
Your child may wish to opt for a discreet-looking brace that is minimally invasive cosmetically. Depending on the issue, we may look at offering your child the invisalign system which is a set of clear removable alingers which can be used to treat a number of issues fro mild to complex. Alternatively fixed brace types can incorporate coloured wires, giving your child an incentive for treatment and make it a bit more fun!

General dentistry
Children are impressionable from a very young age and it’s important to teach them the importance of getting regular check-ups. Our team will always make your children feel comfortable, welcome and safe – we understand the importance of making visits to the dentist stress-free, so that your child has a positive association with the dentist.

If you would like more information about children’s general dentistry and orthodontics, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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