What is resorption? Jawbone loss and missing teeth….

Missing teeth cause problems that stretch beyond the aesthetics of your smile such as jawbone loss and resorption; the latter is when the jawbone sinks back into the body, as it is not reaching the stimulation it needs due to vacant gaps in your mouth. In the first year of having a missing tooth, a staggering 25% of the bone is lost and this continues if you fail to replace the tooth’s root, which is possible with dental implants treatment.

When your jawbone resorbs the structure ‘collapses, bringing your chin closer to your nose, causing your jaw and nose to protrude as your upper lip becomes wrinkled and loses some of its volume. If left untreated for a long period, deep wrinkles will appear, causing your face to appear older than your years. This can be a big source of anxiety for many, causing a drop in confidence day-today. If the tooth you have lost is one that is visible when you smile, this can put you off wishing to smile; dental implants could be the most significant investment you make, restoring your desire to smile and wellbeing

The benefits of dental implants

  • Permanent solution to a missing tooth.
  • Next best thing to a real tooth in both function and aesthetic.
  • Fixed solution.
  • Can be maintained in the same way as a normal tooth unlike dentures which are removable and need to be removed to be cleaned and when you sleep.
  • Custom made – your dentist will create the restoration for your implant to fit in amongst your existing tooth – your friends need not know you have a dental implant and restoration!

Further problems caused by missing teeth
Even a single missing tooth can impair your ability break down foods correctly and several missing teeth will certainly make breaking certain foods down uncomfortable. Dental implants will ensure that this is never an issue and they are superior to dentures in this way as there is no chance of the implant slipping. Speech impediments are also a common issue with missing teeth.


If you are looking to replace your dentures with dental implants or wish to replace a missing tooth, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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