The benefits of dental implants for replacing a missing tooth

Dental implants are arguably one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern dentistry, offering patients with missing teeth an authentic looking and feeling solution. Unlike dentures, dental implants are a fixed solution that cannot be removed and become a part of you when they fuse with your jawbone. 



Fixed solution 

There are several benefits of dental implants being a fixed solution. They allow you to enjoy the foods you love without compromising their upkeep whilst dentures on the hand, can become damaged or fall out as a result of eating hard foods. Dentures can also affect your speech but you will not find this with dental implants. 

Get your confidence back 

A missing tooth can be a source of great anxiety. If you have a missing visible tooth, when you open your mouth to smile this is exposed to other people which can make people anxious and ashamed of their smile. Dentures can combat this issue but as they are removable you are prone to the possibility of them falling out in social situations – a great source of anxiety for many. 

Tackles the issue of resorption 

Dentures will not tackle the issue of jawbone resorption as the pressure applied when chewing can be as low as 10% – this means the jawbone will not receive the stimulation it needs and will then begin to disappear, leaving your facial features appear sunken and making you appear older than your years. This is when your jawbone does not receive the stimulation it needs to function. Dental implants are an investment into your health and facial aesthetic, offering a cosmetic solution that cannot be achieved by having dentures. 


Here at Cliftonville you have the option of choosing CEREC same day crowns – we are one of the only practices to offer this in the Northampton area. CEREC crowns allow you walk in and walk out of the practice in a single day, with brand new custom made crowns. You can read more about CEREC technology here. 


If you would like more information about dental implants at Cliftonville, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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