5 reasons to come to Cliftonville for your treatment

Cliftonville welcome patients from all corners of the Northampton area, so why not pop in and see what options are available to you? 

  • We can help with hyperhidrosis – We understand how much excessive sweating can affect your confidence and self esteem. Many people choose to avoid social situations for fear of their excessive sweating becoming obvious to others. We can help tackle excessive sweating with a very quick and simple solution: Botox. Blocking the signals that are responsible for sweating is one of the less well-known uses of Botox and it an effective and safe way of controlling your excessive sweating.


  • A range of orthodontic options are available to patients – We have orthodontic solutions to suit patients’ individual priorities including:

1) Invisalign – A series of clear aligners that are a removable treatment and particularly attractive to adult patients who wish to have a minimally-invasive treatment. Patients are able to remove the aligners to clean their teeth and eat each day, making this a practical orthodontic appliance when it comes to your daily routine.

2) Inman aligner – The Inman aligner is used to correct crowded or protruding teeth in a matter of weeks, making it class as a short-term orthodontic solution. The aligner applies a gentle level of pressure over a large span of movement which safely and effectively guides your teeth into a desired position. Correct you smile in as little as 6-16 weeks and combine the Inman aligner with cosmetic dentistry treatments to maximise the effects of the orthodontic work.

3) Six Month Smiles – If you’re looking for a fixed braces treatment, Six Month Smiles is a set of ceramic braces that incorporates tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets into the design.


  • Offering state-of-the-art technology such as CEREC – CEREC has changed the face of cosmetic dentistry, allowing patients to undergo treatment for porcelain crowns in a single day. Cliftonville is one of the few practices in the Northampton area offering CEREC treatment.


  • Digital impressions – You no longer need to worry about uncomfortable manual impressions involving unpleasant gag-inducing impression material. If you are undergoing a treatment that requires you to have impressions taken like Invisalign or CEREC, we will take the impressions digitally, simply by scanning your teeth. This then allows us to design the appliance or restoration in question, drawing on the digital model of your teeth as a foundation for this.


  • Technology for nervous patients – If you are a nervous patient, do not fret, as we can offer intravenous sedation for a number of treatments. IV sedation helps patients relax during treatment and has an amnesic effect, so you may not even remember you have undergone treatment!


If you would like more information about the treatments we offer here at Cliftonville, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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