Top 5 reasons to have cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can benefit factors that go beyond your facial aesthetic, helping you regain confidence in your smile and yourself.

Restore confidence in your smile

If you are unhappy with your smile, you may have been restricting the amount you smile due to anxiety or embarrassment. This is arguably the most significant change as a result of undergoing cosmetic dentistry, as if you are unhappy with your appearance, this is bound to affect your confidence.

Make a difference to your overall facial aesthetic

Your smile is often the first feature that someone will notice, so it’s important for it to be something you take pride in. An unhealthy-looking smile can render a person’s overall appearance older and even the smallest of cosmetic changes can give a younger and improved look.

Modern cosmetic treatment is more efficient and effective than ever before

You no longer have to invest a great deal of time into improving your smile if you do not wish to, as there are speedy cosmetic treatments available and despite being fast, they can still make a huge difference. From short-term orthodontics to same-day CEREC crowns, the options for those who have busy lives and want a minimally-invasive treatment are better than ever.

Improve your dental hygiene

Certain cosmetic treatments can dramatically improve your dental hygiene, for example if you have a missing tooth and opt for dental implants, this will prevent your jawbone from resorbing (you can read more about this in our blog about the benefits of dental implants). Tooth whitening can also help patients on a path to healthier teeth, as a scale and polish (deep clean of your teeth to remove plaque and tartar) is performed beforehand, rendering you less susceptible to gum disease and allowing you to start afresh with an improved brushing and dental hygiene routine.

Invest in a permanent change

Cosmetic dentistry can be a long-lasting and even permanent change, if you look after your teeth post-treatment: the effects of CEREC crowns, dental implants and orthodontic treatment can all last a lifetime.

What type of cosmetic treatment is offered at Cliftonville?

  • Tooth whitening.
  • CEREC crowns.
  • Adult orthodontics
  • Dental implants.
  • White fillings.
  • Traditional crowns.
  • Dental bridges.


If you would like more information about cosmetic dentistry at Cliftonville, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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