Tooth whitening at Cliftonville: impeccable smile for summer

Summer is not far around the corner (although it may not feel that way at the moment with the weather we have had across the country!) With this in mind, you might be thinking about getting your smile summer-ready and tooth whitening is a non-invasive, popular and highly effective way of achieving this.

Why get my teeth whitened?

  • Improve your confidence – an unhealthy-looking smile can leave you feeling self-conscious and can even affect your desire to smile.
  • Maintain a better level of oral hygiene – before you have your teeth whitened, you will first have a scale and polish performed by the dental hygienist – this is a deep clean of your teeth, removing the dark staining and bacteria deposits that occur as plaque and tartar.
  • Teeth whitening allows you to ‘start again’ with your dental hygiene – as you are having deep staining removed before you have your teeth whitened, this gives you the chance thereafter to change your dental habits, without having to suffer the confidence blow of having an unhealthy-looking smile. Allow your new smile to motivate you for the future!
  • Custom treatment – custom treatment that is safe, effective and allows patients to choose the exact shade they would like for their smile. Your dentist will help with this, taking factors like your skin, eye, and hair colour into account in order to give the most authentic look as possible.

Zoom! Teeth whitening at Cliftonville

Here at Cliftonville, we are thrilled to be able to offer patients the Zoom teeth whitening system, which offers home-based whitening kits as well as practice-delivered systems, the progression of both of which is closely monitored by your dentist.

Combine tooth whitening with other treatments

Patients are increasingly choosing to combine tooth whitening with other treatment such as:

  • Veneers – many patients are attracted to having veneers in combination with tooth whitening as this is a more cost-effective way of achieving a healthy-looking smile than opting solely for veneers.
  • Orthodontics – if you have misaligned teeth, you may find it challenging to brush effectively and remove food particles, which in turn, may cause some staining. After undergoing orthodontic treatment to re-align your teeth, you may expose such staining; tooth whitening can help eradicate this.
  • Facial aesthetics – smile aesthetics are no longer simply about your teeth and even the most subtle level of Botox or dermal fillers can accentuate the effects of cosmetic dentistry like tooth whitening.

If you would like more information about cosmetic treatments at Cliftonville, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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