The benefits of tackling orthodontic issues early – your children

Addressing complications with your child’s smile early may be one of the best things you do for them, giving them the confidence they need for later life.

What will we look out for when deciding if your children need braces

  • Front teeth protruding over lower teeth/lower teeth biting outside the upper teeth.
  • Baby teeth that stay in place after adult teeth have emerged.
  • Wide gaps or severe overcrowding.
  • Slanted or uneven appearance to lower jaw.
  • Teeth wearing unevenly – potentially leading to an angled biting surface.
  • Bite problems – unable to close teeth together.

Building confidence

It may be that your child is suffering from confidence issues as a result of their smile and school can be challenging for children who have a different looking smile to the rest of their peers. Addressing this early will help to build their confidence as they grow into their adult years.



When tackled early on, orthodontic issues can often be dealt with swiftly and with a simpler treatment course than if the problem is left to worsen into adulthood, making treatment more cost-effective.


Treatment will affect areas that stretch beyond aesthetics

A misaligned or crooked smile can affect other areas of your child’s life such as their oral hygiene. When there are unnatural gaps in a person smile, this creates an ideal breeding ground for food particles in which to linger and eventually turn to plaque and tartar if left to linger – this can eventually lead to gum disease later on down the line.


A custom approach at Cliftonville

The ‘one size fits all’ philosophy does not exist at Cliftonville; we do not believe there is a set age at which treatment should begin and will keep a close eye on the way your child’s teeth grow. Early appointments with the orthodontist are vital in preventing any serious orthodontic complications and are a great investment into your child’s dental health and hygiene.


If you would like to know more about children’s orthodontics at Cliftonville, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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