How To Tackle Your Dental Phobia

According to statistics from the Oral Health Foundation, nearly 50% of adults in the UK have a fear of the dentist, will 12% of this figure suffering from extreme dental phobia. Many of these individuals put off having treatment altogether, putting themselves at risk of a variety of dental health complications by letting conditions worsen overtime. Thanks to the marvels of modern medicine, patients have the option of IV (intravenous) sedation, the most effective way of tackling dental phobia. But what exactly is it and how has it changed modern dentistry?

Why choose IV sedation?

Many patients who choose to have a procedure under IV sedation find that in the case of future procedures, they no longer need it, as their perspective surrounding dental phobia has changed. IV sedation is tailored to the patient; during your consultation we will carefully assess the exact amount needed for you to undergo the procedure in question. Unlike in the case of oral sedation, you will not have to deal with an uncomfortable gag reflex.

How is IV sedation administered?

IV sedation is administered via a tiny needle, known as a cannula, most commonly on the back of the hand. The needle is extremely fine and the drug will take effect in around 10 seconds, so if you are a little nervous about injections, you need not fret as the relaxing effects of the drug will kick in very quickly and eliminate any stress. We can also use a special numbing cream around the area that the needle makes contact with the vein if you are very anxious about this aspect of the procedure.

 What Medication Is Used?

As with oral sedation, IV sedation uses benzodiazepines to curb phobia and anxiety when you come to undergo your procedure. Here at Cliftonville Dental we use the market leader in the benzodiazepine family, Midazolam, an amnesic that will make you feel relaxed yet still able to cooperate with the dentist, should they need you to answer to requests such as ‘open your mouth a little wider’ for example. You may find you have little or even no memory of the procedure.


If you would like more information about IV sedation at Cliftonville, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.


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