Have A Crown Designed & Fitted In A Single Day At Cliftonville

Here at Cliftonville Dental, we understand that patients are looking to spend as little time in the dentist’s chair as possible, especially in the fast-paced world of 2019. Fortunately, there is a crowns treatment that caters to this desire; the CEREC crowns system.  

The 4 stages of CEREC

Capture: We will take a photo of the area inside your mouth using a special camera. This will give your dentist a detailed and high-definition model of the tooth that is being crowned as well as the missing part that is being crafted. Your dentist will be able to show you these images and use them to explain the process in layman’s terms, giving you a better understanding of treatment.

Send: The missing part of the tooth from the CEREC model is sent digitally to the milling machine, the machine that will create the crown.

Create: A restoration is carved from the porcelain block that has been placed into the milling machine. This will closely match the texture, shape and colour of your existing teeth.

Place: Now that your restoration is complete, it can be bonded in place and any finer amends can be made. 

Why are CEREC crowns favourable to traditional crowns?

  • Unlike in the case of traditional crowns that require at least 2 appointments, CEREC crowns can be designed, milled and placed in a single appointment, saving our patients time.
  • Natural-looking result – your dentist takes your facial aesthetic into account when designing your crown, considering factors like your skin, eye, in order to achieve an authentic-looking result.
  • Digital impressions are used to obtain the foundation for the design of your new crown, as opposed to uncomfortable alginate impressions associated with traditional crowns.
  • Traditional crowns require the patient to wear a temporary crown during the two week period when your crown is sent off to be made off-site. As the CEREC process takes a single day, no such crown is required.


Cliftonville Dental is one of the few practices to offer CEREC crowns in the Northamptonshire area and the process takes specialist training which our team of dentists possess. Contact our Northampton practice to book your appointment today.



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