The Hygienist: The Unsung Hero Of Dentistry – Especially In The UK

33% of people in the UK have never visited the hygienist. This shocking statistic demonstrates that the role and importance of a dental hygienist is still misunderstood in this country. But why are so many people in the UK skipping their hygienist check-up appointment?

The hygienist has their very own speciality that differentiates them from a dentist; they possess expert knowledge surrounding gum disease and how to treat and prevent it. Teeth are the only part of the body that are unable to repair themselves, so with this in mind, the preventative role of a hygienist is extremely important.

Treating build up of bacteria

At some time or another, everybody will experience some degree of plaque build-up on their teeth – brushing alone cannot get remove staining in the form of plaque and therefore a treatment known as a scale and polish is necessary. This treatment is performed specifically by the hygienist, who uses special tools to remove plaque, a calcium-like substance.

Educating patients   

Even with the world of Google, there are some things you just can’t learn with an internet search, especially when it comes to your health. The hygienist can give essential advice on how to floss correctly and what to use and whilst this may seem obvious, everybody has different tooth structure which means the method and type of equipment used will vary from patient-to-patient. They can also give you inform you of how often to make a hygienist appointment after making an examination of your teeth which will also vary depending on your propensity to plaque build-up and susceptibility to particular problems, though it is recommended that even those with optimum gum and tooth health should visit the hygienist once a year in order to flag up any problems early. Many people skip the hygienist because they are not suffering from any overt problems, though it is important to bear in mind that many gum and tooth related issues do not present any tangible symptoms until they become severe.

Hygienists – the superhero for your teeth! 

Teeth are the only part of the body that do not heal themselves, so with this in mind, it’s safe to say you need to look after them as much as possible and take the approach of ‘prevention rather than cure’. Hygienist appointments are a small investment into a healthy future; protecting your tooth enamel is vital, as once this protective coating over your teeth is gone, your teeth have no defences against substances like sugar and acid, which will quickly create cavities and encourage gum disease.


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