A Permanent Solution To A Missing Tooth: Dental Implants At Cliftonville

Are you missing a tooth that you’ve neglected to replace? Or perhaps you’re looking to replace your dentures with a more permanent solution? Dental implants are the one and only treatment that can restore your jawbone strength and tooth function to 100%. Read on to find out how.

Dental implants become a part of you

Getting a dental implant is a surgical procedure whereby a titanium implant is placed into the jawbone and left to fuse with your jawbone via a process called osseointegration. This may sound like a complex term, but it simply means the implant gets accepted by your body and the surrounding tissues start to grow around it, believing it to be a genuine part of the body.

Preserving your jawbone

As mentioned above, dental implants become a permanent part of you. For this reason, the jawbone is able to regenerate as it begins to receive the stimulation it needs in order for tissues and bone to begin sustaining themselves again. Over time, a missing tooth causes the jawbone to resorb (shrink away) because it is no longer being used. This can dramatically affect a person’s facial aesthetic, making them appear older than their years.

Restoring your confidence   

The aesthetic changes caused by losing a tooth can have a profound impact on your confidence. As mentioned, jawbone loss instigates changes in the face and if you are missing a tooth that is one of the ‘social six’ (the teeth most visible when you smile), you might find yourself reluctant to smile at all. This can hinder the release of endorphins that are normally responsible for your general well-being and feelings of happiness.

Here at Cliftonville, we can offer CEREC crowns as a restoration for your dental implant. CEREC is widely considered to be the fastest and effective way of creating a crown and they are custom-made in the image of your smile. Find out more here. 

Don’t delay in seeking treatment for a missing tooth, even if you feel it isn’t causing you problems 24/7. The effects of tooth loss do not manifest immediately and acting as soon as possible will help preserve your jawbone, facial aesthetic, and restore your tooth function back to its full potential. Contact our friendly team today.

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