Invisalign: Straighten Your Teeth With Confidence

If you aren’t happy with the shape and look of your teeth, there are many orthodontic options available to you. Here’s why you should consider Invisalign.

Adult orthodontic options

Here at Cliftonville Dental, we offer a range of treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth. One option is to have veneers placed on your teeth. This involves shaving down your original teeth and then having porcelain veneers placed over the top of the pre-existing teeth. As you can imagine, this is quite an extreme way of fixing your smile and many people are put off by both the price and the fact that there is no going back afterward.

A second option and one of the most common choices that people make when they are trying to improve the appearance of their smile is to have fixed dental braces. These ceramic or metal brackets have been used for decades to straighten teeth and they can be used from anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on how major the necessary change is. What can put some people off about this treatment is the fact that everyone can see the braces and from an aesthetic point of view they don’t look that great. It is for this reason that we offer a third, more discreet orthodontic option –  Invisalign clear aligners. This is a removable brace type that can be used to treat mild to moderate orthodontic issues.


If you are thinking about Invisalign treatment, the first step involves booking a free consultation with your orthodontist here at Cliftonville Dental. During your appointment, we will talk you through what the process looks like, what you can hope to gain from it, and what kind of results you can expect to see. During this initial consultation, your orthodontist will also take an X-ray to help them ascertain whether or not you are a good candidate for Invisalign and whether it is the best treatment for your particular case. Here, you can also expect to discuss costs and treatment length.

Treatment Plan

Not all Invisalign treatments are the same and they must be tailored to each patient depending on the condition of your teeth and the results you are looking for. Once you have decided on Invisalign, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth, as well as a 3-D image which they will use to map out the different stages of the treatment plan. For most adults, the treatment process takes approximately 1 year and involves a couple of teeth being moved over a certain period of time, rather than all of the teeth being moved at once.

Bracing Up

Invisalign treatment involves using the X-rays and 3-D images taken during your initial appointment to custom-make a series of clear aligner sets that put pressure on various areas of each tooth. These aligners are made from BPA-free plastic and they are far superior to metal braces in that they do not look unsightly, nor do they scratch the inside of the mouth like the wire can from metal braces. Once you have your first set of aligners, you are on the road to straighter teeth.

Updating Your Aligners

In order for Invisalign to work effectively, you need to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day and replace them every two or three weeks, as they are moving teeth gradually and rely on constant pressure being placed on each tooth. With each new set of aligners, your teeth move closer and closer to their desired new position, and at every orthodontic appointment you will be able to see the progress that is being made. The frequency of these appointments means that the dentist can constantly keep an eye on how the treatment is going, giving you confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Why You’ll Love Invisalign

The biggest benefit of Invisalign versus other options available to you is the discreet appearance of the aligners. Because the aligners are removable, you can take them out for special occasions or workplace presentations, giving you the flexibility to live your everyday life without interruption or embarrassment and with no dietary restrictions. 

Confidence is a big issue when it comes to teeth and those with poorly shaped or damaged teeth often feel self-conscious about their smile when they speak and laugh. Metal braces can be a great long-term fix for poor self-confidence, however during the treatment process many fixed brace wearers can feel self-conscious about their changed appearance. Invisalign enables you to smile with confidence during the entire treatment process, and thanks to its all-but-invisible appearance, friends and coworkers may not even notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

Whether you are insecure about an unsightly gap between your teeth, want to straighten your smile, or suffer from an overbite or underbite, Invisalign can help you get your confidence back. No more hiding from photos of smiling with a closed mouth, with Invisalign you can smile with pride.

To find out more about orthodontic treatment options at Cliftonville Dental, book your free initial consultation today.

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