Open 6 Days A Week, Including Evenings – The Benefits To Our Patients

People have incredibly busy lives and they want to know that they are able to go to the dentist when they are available, rather than having to change their schedule to fit in with the dentist’s opening hours. Here at Cliftonville Dental, we realise that people have busy lives, which is why we are open 6 days per week, including evenings.


Putting patients first

As you can imagine, our patients absolutely love our flexible opening hours as it means that regardless of what types of jobs or responsibilities they have, they can get to the dentist at a time that suits them, without any kind of upheaval. Our practice operates between 8am and 8pm on a Wednesday and Thursday, which enables those working 9-5 jobs the chance of getting to the dentist after work, giving them peace of mind and outstanding dental care. Our practice is also open on a Saturday, which is perfect for those with children or those working Mon-Fri.

Easily accessible appointments 

Another issue that many people have with their own dental practices is that they can’t get an appointment when they try, or their phone call isn’t answered when they try to get through. We understand how frustrating this can be, which is why our phone line is constantly manned throughout opening hours. The reason people often struggle to get a timely appointment is that many dental practices overfill their client list and that means higher demand for the service. Cliftonville Dental avoids this, as we have the resources to cope with the demands of our patients, ensuring that nobody has to wait very long before they are attended to. Naturally, this is made much easier given our extended opening hours, which ensures that there is plenty of time for all of our patients to be seen.

Another great option our practice offers patients is the ability to book an appointment online. This is a tool that has helped many of our patients get an appointment in a convenient and time-saving way.

Going above and beyond

Dentistry has changed a great deal in the last couple of decades and so too have patient demands and requirements. Patients are now looking for much more from their dental practice in terms of their oral health, cosmetic procedures, and even facial aesthetics and skincare options. Instead of being stuck in the past, here at Cliftonville Dental we understand exactly what our patients want and this is why we have a highly skilled team of dental experts who cover all aspects of patient care. Beyond orthodontics, general dental care and options such as implants and veneers, our dental practice also offers facial aesthetic work and promotes skin health.

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service is a top priority here at Cliftonville Dental, and it is a key focal area when hiring new dentists and staff members. We work hard on making sure that patients feel comfortable and well informed, and we have earned a reputation for helping nervous patients feel secure and relaxed ahead of any treatment or investigative work.

It is rare in this day and age to you will find a dental practice that is so dedicated to its customers and that has taken the steps to open up for 6 days per week, and with such flexible hours. This decision has ensured our clinic is open for business for all of our patients, regardless of what their job is and what responsibilities they may have at home. If you live in Northampton we hope you will consider our practice when looking for a new dentist.

To book your initial consultation appointment contact us today. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

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