Adult Orthodontics: Why A Record Number Of Adults Are Getting Braces

A record number of adults are choosing to tackle orthodontic ailments such as crowding, widely-spaced teeth, and bite issues with braces. But what is driving this trend

Less invasive brace options

One of the main reasons more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment is due to improved brace designs, which have been cultivated to fit in with a person’s day-to-day life where possible, both in practical and aesthetic terms.

One example is the Invisalign clear aligner system, a removable set of custom braces. Their removable quality means that patients are not restricted where diet is concerned – unlike traditional fixed braces, Invisalign clients are able to eat whatever they like. Treatment can last up to 36 months, so not having to alter your diet for such as long time is a definite benefit. Removable braces also make it much easier to maintain good dental hygiene as the braces do not encompass hardware such as brackets and wires into their design. This negates the risk of getting food stuck within your brace and reduces the risk of gum disease.

Fixed braces & their contemporary design

Adult patients have historically avoided fixed brace types that are associated with the teenage ‘train track’ look. However, fixed braces have also come a long way since the clunky and conspicuous designs of the past. Ceramic tooth-coloured brackets are now available, which means that fixed braces are more discreet than past designs and take up less space in the mouth. Ceramic fixed braces have a treatment time that can vary from 6 – 30 months, tackling mild, moderate, and more serious problems. Their design is constantly evolving and tooth-coloured wires are now incorporated to make them even less aesthetically invasive.

Cost of treatment has also been something that has put adults off seeking treatment. However, many practices are now offering finance options, giving patients the opportunity to spread the cost of their treatment. Find out more about our finance options here at Cliftonville.

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