5 Great Reasons To Straighten Your Teeth

If you missed out on orthodontic treatment during your teen years you may feel as though you missed your chance at getting the beautifully straight smile you always wanted. Here’s why you shouldn’t give up on correcting your teeth.

  1. Straight teeth are easier to clean

When your teeth are crooked or misaligned, they form hidden pockets in your mouth that your toothbrush can’t reach. Plaque and bacteria gradually accumulate in these areas, eventually resulting in tooth decay and gum disease. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss because there is space for your toothbrush bristles to reach between each tooth, preventing plaque and tartar from building up.

  1. Fixing your bite eliminates jaw strain

Do you grind your teeth at night or suffer from frequent headaches? If you have crooked teeth, then a misaligned bite could be to blame. We naturally try to align teeth in a natural resting position and when they are crooked this can result in clenching the jaw or grinding teeth against each other. In some cases, this leads to a painful condition called temporomandibular disorder (TMJ or TMD), which can dramatically affect quality of life. Straightening teeth aligns the jaw, which can eliminate headaches or ear and neck pain.

  1. A straight smile is a confidence-booster

A smile is the most memorable feature when we meet someone for the first time, and when we are embarrassed about the appearance of our teeth we tend to avoid using our smile to its full advantage. Straightening your teeth can boost your self-esteem, which in turn improves relationships with others and has numerous social and professional benefits.

  1. Straight teeth can prevent long-term health issues

Gum disease has been linked to several life-threatening health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Scientists believe that the bacteria that infects gums may travel to blood vessels elsewhere in the body, causing inflammation and damage. Since straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy, orthodontic treatment could be more important for long-term health than you might initially think.

  1. Orthodontic treatment is faster and less obtrusive than ever

Gone are the days when having orthodontic treatment involved clunky metal braces and years of painful visits to the dentist’s office. Brace options are now more flexible than ever before, giving patients the opportunity to straighten their teeth without altering their lifestyles. At Cliftonville, we offer a range of orthodontic options, including Invisalign clear removable aligners and tooth-coloured ceramic fixed braces that blend in with your natural teeth.

We offer free orthodontic consultations at Cliftonville and our specialist orthodontist, Dr. Mina Poraghaee, will be happy to recommend the best treatment for your individual circumstances. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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