5 Ways To Love Your Teeth This Valentine’s Day

The season of love is here and with it comes shelves full of colourful heart-shaped boxes of sweets and chocolate – great for romantic gifts but not so enjoyable for your teeth. The good news is it’s possible to indulge in moderation while maintaining your oral hygiene routine. Here are five ways to show your teeth some love this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Choose your treats wisely

If you’re trying to decide which sweet treat to gift a loved one, solid dark chocolate is preferable to hard boiled sweets or sticky toffees because it doesn’t stick to your teeth and contains less sugar than milk chocolate. Some studies even suggest that dark chocolate contains cavity-fighting compounds that have an anti-bacterial effect and help to offset the effects of sugar. For the best possible results for your teeth though, consider swapping the sweets for equally romantic gift options such as flowers or jewellery.

  1. Banish bad breath

Heading out for a romantic candlelit dinner? The last thing you want to spoil your evening is bad breath. For the freshest mouth, avoid pungent foods such as garlic, onion, and curry, and keep some dental floss and sugar-free gum handy for after the meal. If you’ve noticed that your breath hasn’t been as sweet smelling as it should be recently, book yourself in for a hygienist appointment – bad breath is often a symptom of early stage gum disease. Our skilled dental hygienists can help combat this with a professional cleaning treatment here at Cliftonville.

  1. Get a brighter, whiter smile

If you’re hoping to impress a first date this Valentine’s Day, focus on your smile – research indicates that nearly half of adults (48%) think a smile is the most memorable feature after they meet someone for the first time. The fastest way to noticeably improve your smile is with a teeth whitening treatment, which can lighten teeth by several shades and give a fresher, more youthful smile. We offer both home-based teeth whitening kits and practice-delivered systems here at Cliftonville, which both deliver good results. Contact us for a free consultation to find out more.

  1. Ramp up your oral hygiene routine

Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but your teeth will last you a lifetime if you care for them properly. Gift yourself a new toothbrush (or toothbrush head) if the bristles are starting to look frayed and make sure you brush thoroughly twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Use floss or interdental brushes to reach those important spaces between each tooth, and rinse with mouthwash before you brush so you don’t wash away the fluoride protection of your toothpaste.

  1. Love your dentist

We don’t need cards or flowers from you… just pay us a visit twice a year so we can make sure your teeth and gums are in mint condition. At Cliftonville we offer a full range of dental services including preventative, cosmetic, and reconstructive dentistry. We’re passionate about providing our patients with a positive experience and are open six days a week, including evenings, for your convenience.

Book your next dental appointment with one of our friendly and professional team members today.

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