Top Treatments For Youthful Skin At Cliftonville Dental

It’s safe to say this past year has taken its toll on all of us, and perhaps your skin is feeling the effects of mask-wearing, stress and environmental factors. Non-surgical skin care treatments at our Northampton dental practice could be the answer to getting your skin back on track and ready for the big wide world again.

We’ve been delivering facial aesthetics to the people of Northampton, Hardington and Boughton since 2007, and it has become a big part of what we do here at Cliftonville Dental. As experienced dental professionals, we have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of facial anatomy and this knowledge is of huge benefit when performing non-surgical medical aesthetics treatment for patients.

Tailored facial aesthetics, in a relaxed environment

It may feel daunting to come in and discuss your wrinkles and lines, especially if you’re  self-conscious of them. Our team are non-judgemental and sympathetic to how signs of ageing can make you feel. Building a rapport with you is extremely important to us, allowing us to understand the skin concerns you feel self-conscious about and to formulate a precise plan of action to address them, whether through the use of dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections or ZO Skin Health products, here in Northampton.

Why choose non-surgical treatment?

There are a number of reasons to choose non-surgical facial aesthetics treatment over surgery:

Natural and predictable-looking results: surgery permanently changes your facial anatomy, but doesn’t always produce the results patients hope for. Meanwhile, non-surgical medical aesthetics treatments enhance your natural features which means results are more authentic and subtle.

No recovery time: the recovery time after surgery can be lengthy – in some cases patients are faced with several months of time out from exercise, hobbies and even work.  Treatments like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatment in Northampton have become an appealing alternative as there is no such recovery time associated – these treatments are often dubbed the ‘lunchtime facelift’ because they take so little time and allow you to head back to work straight afterwards, with no invasive side-effects to deal with.

Adaptable treatment: as the result of treatment are temporary, there is the option of adapting and changing the amount of filler or toxin used at future treatment sessions, so if you’re not completely satisfied the first time round, this is easily amendable. By contrast, surgical treatments are permanent and virtually impossible to reverse.

What types of skincare treatments are on offer?

We’re offering treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and ZO Skin range, and can advise on which treatments suit your unique skincare goals. Take a look at a breakdown of the skin care treatments we offer at our Northampton dental practice.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

The what: non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment can smoothen out static wrinkles across targeted areas of the face, helping patients to age gracefully and feel confident in their skin. Treatment also has preventive qualities – starting in your early 30s is hugely beneficial in curbing the progression of fine lines and wrinkles.

The how: a neurotoxin is injected to certain facial zones depending on the skin concerns you’re looking to address.

The why: the onset of ageing can be a shock, and the effects are accentuated by long-term alcohol consumption, smoking and a poor diet. Treatment can give your skin a new lease of life and take years off your face as a whole.

Dermal fillers

The what: dermal fillers are an injectable skin care treatment that we offer here at our Northampton dental practice. Dermal fillers replenish the skin’s supply of hyaluronic acid, which our bodies create naturally, and in abundance when we are young. As we reach our late 20s, the skin doesn’t retain moisture as well as in our younger years. As hyaluronic acid holds 100 times its weight in water, injecting is into the skin gives a plumping and radiating effect.

The how: a very fine needle is used to administer the fillers and as with anti-wrinkle correction treatment. This 30-minute treatment can target areas like frown lines, cheek and chin lines and nose to mouth lines, and plump and contour the lips.

The why: the beauty of dermal fillers is they’re comprised of a substance that already exists in the skin, making them an organic means of improving the its appearance and quality.

As well as administering anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers treatments, we’re very happy to discuss how you can implement healthier habits into your day-to-day life, to slow the progression of lines and wrinkles.

ZO Skin Health

The what: unlike the two injectable treatments on our list, the ZO Skin Health range of hand-picked products are designed for home use. Here in Northampton, our team are versed in prescribing and monitoring the use of ZO Skin Health products, and we can adapt and change products according to your on-going and evolving skincare needs. 

The how: we will explain how to use each of the products we have recommended and provide you with information to take home with you. If you find you’re unsure about how to interpret any of this information, please get in touch with us. Monitoring and aftercare is an important part of the patient journey to us here at Cliftonville Dental Northampton, and we’re with you every step of the way.

The why: the benefits of the ZO Skin Health range are endless. The versatility of this product range and way in which it can be carefully tailored to address very specific skin concerns is unrivalled. Whether you’re looking to reverse the effects of sun damage and hyperpigmentation, battle inflammation and breakouts or breathe life into wrinkled or sagging skin, the ZO range can help.


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