The Increase in Men Seeking Non-surgical Facial Aesthetics Treatment

Did you know? Non-surgical facial aesthetics treatment like dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatment and ZO Skin Care aren’t solely for women? In fact, the number of men benefitting from these treatments has soared. Since 2010, the number of men seeking anti-wrinkle injections has increased by a huge 84%! Today, thankfully the stigma surrounding male grooming and self-care when it comes to aesthetics is at an all-time low, and men are seeing the benefits non-surgical treatments have on women, and thinking ‘why don’t I give that a try?’! 

If you’re male and on the fence about trying out non-surgical skincare treatment here in Northampton, take a look at some of the fantastic reasons to do so below.

#1 No more tear troughs

Tear troughs (dark hollow under-eye circles aren’t just something that affects women – they affect men too, and can happen as a result of ageing, or they can be down to genetics and lifestyle. Tear troughs aren’t a good look on either men or women, making a person appear perpetually tired, and creating a dulling impact on the whole face. Dermal fillers can temporarily erase the appearance of dark under eye circles, to give a refreshed appearance to the whole face.

#2 Define that jawline

Not all men have the good fortune of being born with a chiselled and defined jawline and if you’re reading this and it sounds familiar, don’t worry. Dermal fillers are a common way of contouring and augmenting the jawline area, as well as giving harmonisation to the side profile of a man’s face. Both women and men can benefit from jaw enhancement with dermal fillers – in the case of the former, it’s usually beneficial for feminising the area by creating a more curved and less angular appearance to the area.

#3 Say ‘So long!’ to wrinkles and fine lines 

Whatever your gender, wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable in life. As the skin starts to lose its ability to produce collagen and elastin, lines and wrinkles come through and give the face an older aesthetic. Most people will start to notice very faint wrinkles and lines as they hit their early 30s, though lifestyle habits and environmental factors like sun damage, pollution smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can speed the rate at which they arrive.

Anti-wrinkle treatment is a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery to banish fine lines and wrinkles in areas like the mouth, around the eyes and across the forehead. Men can benefit in exactly the same way as women when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections. Not only can it improve your outward appearance by making your skin look authentically younger, there’s a huge confidence boost that goes with getting treatment.

#4 Achieve luscious-looking lips

Gone are the days when fuller and well contoured lips were seen as an effeminate trait. Today, plump and well defined lips are considered a prevalent beauty trait for both genders. Whilst some people are born with thin lips, some lose natural volume with age, which can contribute to an aged look overall. A thin lip can also make your mouth appear turned down at the corners, as if you’re wearing a bit of a frown.

Thanks to lip fillers, it’s possible to add volume to thin lips, to give a natural and harmonious look to the entire face. Here at our Northampton dental practice our injectors are highly skilled at administering lip fillers, and will work with your unique facial features and dimension to achieve a look that enhances your lips.

#5 Cover those crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are a common skincare concern for our skincare patients here in Northampton. Crow’s feet are the wrinkles on the outside of each eye, which are caused by repetitive eye movements, but can also be exacerbated through lifestyle and environmental factors. Smoothening out these lines can give the eye are a whole new and fresh lease of life, and make you look younger.

Anti-wrinkle injections are extremely popular for male’s who wish to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

The post-Covid benefits of non-surgical facial aesthetics

According to a report by Esquire magazine, the need to be ‘Zoom ready’ has resulted in a surge of demand for facial aesthetics procedures. Meanwhile, 11% of men feel they look 5 years older as a result of the stress brought on by the multiple lockdowns.

Facial aesthetics treatment can bring huge benefits for men who feel they’re skin needs some TLC after the tough last 18 months, and who might still be working from home and using Zoom often. Treatments like dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and the ZO Skin Care range truly can turn back to the clock on stress-related age lines and lost volume.

Customised skincare treatment in Northampton

Whatever your skincare concerns, we can formulate a skincare plan of action to address them. Your practitioner at Cliftonville Dental will:

  • Evaluate your face from multiple angles.
  • Listen to what you wish to change about your skin.
  • Outline the types of treatment available to you.
  • Use anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers to create balance and youthfulness to your face.

If you would like to book yourself in for a skin care consultation here in Northampton, please contact our friendly team today. We’re also offering the ZO Skin Health as part of our skincare treatment in Northampton. You can read more about it here.





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