Ditch Your Dentures For Dental Implants in Northampton

Dentures have long been a commonly used treatment for replacing missing. Whilst today’s dentures are better fitting and more aesthetically pleasing than in the past, dental implants remain the best means of replacing missing teeth. It’s now possible to secure dentures in place with as few as 2 dental implants and many of our denture-wearing patients here in Northamtpon have made the transition from conventional dentures to implant-retained dentures, to improve their quality of life.

Below, we’re exploring why replacing dentures with implant-retained dentures can be a life-changing move. It never ceases to make us smile when we see the incredible difference implants make to patients’ lives – it’s truly humbling to be able to perform this treatment for the people of Northampton.

What are implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures (as the name suggests) are dentures secured in place using between 2-8 implants.

Using implants to stabilise dentures in place is a game-changing move. Implants are placed directly into your jawbone which persuades your body to accept them as a new and genuine part of the body. In turn, the jawbone receives the stimulation it needs to keep regenerating, rather than shrinking away in the absence of real tooth roots.

Unfortunately, this is a common issue that conventional denture-wearers go through. Without the support of neither real tooth roots nor dental implants, the jawbone begins to recede, causing significant facial changes that can result in individuals looking older and unhealthy.

If you have no teeth left, even the highest quality full or complete traditional dentures are only around 30% as effective as natural teeth. With implants securing your dentures in place, you can be sure your teeth and mouth are significantly restored.

Eating with implant-retained dentures

Wearing conventional dentures restores your ability to chew, but only to a certain degree. Dentures are prone to slipping, particularly when you’re eating tougher foods like steak, certain breads, confectionary and other sticky foods. Thanks to implant-retained dentures, the risk of slippage when you eat is resolved, as they’re designed so you can screw them in and out. Stabilising dentures in this way helps you to break down your food more efficiently and allows you much more variety, improving the diversity of vitamins and minerals in your diet, and your digestion.

Implant-retained dentures also have less denture base than traditional dentures, which means you’re taste buds will be more accessible to pick up different flavours when you eat.

Speaking with implant-retained dentures

It’s well-known that dentures can make it a challenge to pronounce and enunciate certain words. Not only can this be a source of embarrassment, it can lead to low self-esteem and confidence, particularly if you’re hosting presentation at work or addressing a group. With your dentures secured firmly in place, you’ll be able to talk without the worry of not being understood by others.

Feeling confident with implant-retained dentures

The biggest difference we see in patients’ post-dental implants treatment is the positive change to their confidence. The feeling of self-consciousness when eating, speaking and smiling, patients feel more relaxed in day-t0-day life, which can have a profound effect on general happiness and wellbeing.

Long-term protection for your jawbone

As mentioned above, wearing conventional dentures in the long term can lead to jawbone shrinkage (also known as resorption). As your jawbone begins to shrink away, this can cause the chin to protrude and the cheek area to hollow out, due to the lack of support from your teeth. Your teeth make tiny connections throughout the day, as well as when you eat and speak, which is what keeps your jawbone stimulated and able to regenerate. Once dental implants are present, this is no longer an issue, and your facial structure and features will be preserved.

No more tissue damage

Conventional dentures rest on the gums and hook around your remaining teeth. However, this can normally agitate these neighbouring tissues and as the jawbone under the gums lose bulk, the gum covering the jaw becomes degraded, rendering the dentures unstable and uncomfortable. As implant-retained dentures are secured with dental implants, this is no longer an issue.

Why choose Cliftonville for dental implants treatment?

  • State-of-the-art technology: we’re one of the few patients in the whole of Northamptonshire to have a CT scanner, allowing us to plan dental implants treatments with a highly predictable outcome.
  • Reputable: we have a fantastic reputation for performing dental implants for patients, and we’re also a trusted referral centre for the county.
  • Meticulous and passionate: our genuine enthusiasm and care for our patients sets us apart in the Northampton area. All aspects of your treatment are thoroughly planned and we derive real satisfaction from seeing our patients’ smiles and lives transformed.
  • Leading brand of implants: we use the Nobel biocare implant system, a world leader in dental implants. Nobel biocare have carried out more research into dental implants than all other major dental implant companies put together.


To enquire about dental implants treatment at Cliftonville Dental, or to book a consultation with us, please contact our friendly team.

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