5 Reasons to Choose Invisalign To Straighten Your Teeth

Invisalign clear aligners are the braces no-one will know you’re wearing. Over the years, we’ve treated hundreds of patients, who now have newly-restored, straight and full smiles which make a fantastic first impression.

Here at Cliftonville Dental in Northampton, we have a dedicated Invisalign specialist working with us to deliver Invisalign treatments to the highest of standards. There are so many benefits of choosing Invisalign to straighten your teeth – read on to understand why over 9 million people worldwide have opted for Invisalign clear aligners, and why Invisalign remains a popular treatment at our Northampton dental practice.

Reason no.1: Invisalign – continuously developing and advancing

The experts at Invisalign are constantly pioneering new features, which means treatment will only ever get more straightforward and easy for patients. Features they’ve included to improve the system over the years include:

SmartTrack material: Align Technology uses a special material which gently guides your teeth into the desired position, but in a highly controlled way. Align technology tested 260 materials to enable the fastest treatment time possible.

SmartStaging technology: this technology programmers each tooth movement in a specific sequence and at the right time, which achieves a high level of accuracy.

SmartForce features: the features and attachments designed into the aligners deliver precise forces, for predictable results. Invisalign is the only system in the world which incorporates multiple special features like precision cuts, bite ramps and power ridge, allowing patients to address a wide range of clinical situations. 

Patients are always impressed by the prospective look they can have at their teeth, before they even start treatment. By collecting 3D images of your teeth, you’ll be able to see the results of treatment, giving you fantastic motivation whilst your teeth are corrected.

Reason no.2: Eat what you like

Orthodontic treatment can take a number of months to complete – the average treatment time with Invsalign is 12-18 months. With this in mind, having a brace that lets you eat with the maximum amount of freedom possible, is important.

More and more people in the U.K are following specific diets to the letter, including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian to name a few. Being able to follow these without interruption has become a bigger factor than ever when patients are choosing a brace, and Invisalign ticks this box. Whilst fixed braces are extremely effective at treating all sorts of orthodontic ailments, the downside is that tougher and stickier foods are difficult to break down and best kept to a minimum, or eliminated from your diet altogether.

Reason no.3: Brush like normal

Metal wires and brackets that make up a traditional brace can pose a real issue with your brushing and flossing routine.

One of the many great properties (or rather lack of) with Invisalign is that it’s bracket and wire-free, so food doesn’t get stuck in your brace (you should avoid eating or smoking with your aligners in to prevent them staining).

You can take your aligners out to brush and floss your teeth, so there’s nothing to hinder you from covering all your tooth surfaces when you carry out your oral health routine. Being able to brush like normal will lower your chances of developing gum disease and decay during your treatment.

Reason no.4  Comfortable and easy to get used to

The fact that Invisalign aligners are made from transparent plastic is no only aesthetically beneficial, but adds comfort to the design too.

The absence of wires and brackets means you’re not at risk of getting painful cuts or nicks in your mouth. The plastic used to create Invisalign clear aligners is smooth and easy to acclimatise to, and each aligner is made to follow your teeth’s trajectory and the way they change as treatment progresses.

Reason no 5: Keep your teeth looking great during treatment

Invisalign clear aligners are transparent and therefore practically invisible to others. Their inconspicuous nature has been an attractive characteristic to celebrity names, who have even worn them on the website – names include Billie Eilish, Tom Cruise and Niall Horan.

Invisalign: The ideal brace for the modern adult

Invisalign has opened up the notion of getting braces to many adults around the world. In the past, fixed brace designs have put off adult patients, who were reluctant to commit to many months of treatment that would constrict their livelihood. As you can remove Invisalign aligners out at your leisure (within the 2 hour a day limit), it gives you flexibility to enjoy freedoms like eating and brushing your teeth as normal.

Adults working in customer and client-facing jobs are also drawn to choosing Invisalign, as they can take them out for any presentations or meetings, should they feel they need to  feel more comfortable. As mentioned above, the aligners are barely visible and should not disrupt speech after the first couple of days of wearing each one, though some individuals feel more comfortable with having the option to take them out for notable events or occasions.

There’s no set age to have orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth – treatment like Invisalign is beneficial and possible at any age, so long as you don’t have any serious signs of decay or gum disease, which will need treatment first. Straightening your teeth will make it easier to practice good oral health and hygiene in the future, making it a fantastic investment from a physical health point of view, not just something that benefits the way you look.


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