Cosmetic Dental Treatments to Beautify Your Teeth in 2022

The month to start afresh is here! Yes, it’s now January, a time when many of us think about the things we might want to change about ourselves and our lifestyles. Maybe your goal this year is to focus on improvements you can make to your smile? If so, we’ve got 3 examples of transformative cosmetic dental treatments to read about below, to get you inspired you to address what it is you dislike about your teeth.

Straighten your teeth with Invisalign

In May of 2021, 4 in 5 orthodontists reported a spike in adult patients seeking treatment. It’s believed that the ‘Zoom effect’ has played a huge part in this increase, in addition to the increased awareness about the importance and benefit of teeth straightening. One of the orthodontic treatments at our Northampton dental practice that has been particularly popular is the Invisalign system, which allows patients great independence during their treatment

Here at our Northampton dental practice, we’re extremely proud to now have a dedicated Invisalign specialist, so you can be sure you’ll receive the very best of care and treatment.

I should straighten my teeth with Invisalign because…..

The most obvious reason for seeking treatment to straighten your teeth or close small gaps is the difference it makes to your appearance. However, there are other reasons to choose treatment like Invisalign in Northampton:

You’ll have healthier teeth: teeth that aren’t crowded, misaligned and spaced aren’t as prone to decay and disease, as they’re much easier to brush and floss.

Your career prospects will improve: there are multiple studies that have shown a connection between good-looking teeth and good work prospects. Research by Kelton found that those with straight teeth are 58% more likely to be perceived as successful, which can be beneficial for your career and your dating life!

You’ll feel fantastic: your smile plays a huge role in emitting who you are to others and can help you to make great connections with others. When you’re happy with the way your smile looks, you’re far more likely to show it off, boosting serotonin levels and in turn, your overall wellbeing.

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Whiten your teeth with teeth whitening treatment

We all develop some degree of tooth discolouration at some point during our lives, but if you’ve got a particular love of tooth-staining food and drink, you may wish to turn to teeth whitening to restore whiteness and brightness. Teeth whitening is one of our most popular treatments here at Cliftonville Dental, with many people in the Northampton area coming to us to rejuvenate their smiles. We use the Phillips Zoom! whitening system, which can lighten teeth by several shades.

I should whiten my teeth because….

Some of the reasons we love teeth whitening include:

We love Philips Zoom!: you’ll only ever know us to use market leading brands at Cliftonville Dental, and one such brand is Philips Zoom! for teeth whitening. This system is used all over the world and delivers impressive results for patients.

It’s super straightforward: for a treatment that can deliver such beautiful and transformative results, teeth whitening is incredibly straightforward.

It’s suitable for people with sensitive teeth: if you’ve been putting off whitening your teeth because you’re anxious about tooth sensitivity, fear not! The Philips Zoom! system is suitable for those with sensitive teeth.

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Replace your teeth with dental implants

It’s no longer the case that patients have to put up with ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures as a mode of tooth replacement. Whilst dentures remain a viable option to replacing multiple missing teeth, they can be used together with dental implants, to offer an excellent degree of stabilisation for patients, that also serves as a way of protecting the jawbone from shrinking away.

I should replace my teeth with dental implants because….

We could go on and on about implants forever and a day. But for now, here are some of our favourite reasons to choose them to replace missing teeth, or old and poorly-fitting dentures.

They’re virtually permanent: with the right care, false teeth that are supported by implants can last a lifetime. We’ll show you how to get the best out of tools such as dental floss and brushes, with a view to ensuring your implants and the stabilised false teeth stand the test of time.

They make chewing and speaking a breeze: if you’ve been struggling with speech problems and chewing, we know exactly how tough this can be. Thanks to the fact that implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, they ensure your jawbone doesn’t shrink down and cause problems with speech and eating.

State-of-the-art implants at Cliftonville: we’re extremely proud to be using the Nobel Biocare system, a world leader who have carried out more research than all the other major companies put together.

Excellent success rates: the rejection rate for dental implants is extremely low and their success rate sits at over 90%.

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Looking for cosmetic dental treatment in the Northampton area? Get in touch with our friendly and attentive team, and we can book you in for a consultation, to discuss how best our experienced team can help you attain your dream smile.

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