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With good at-home care and frequent visits to the dentist and hygienist, it’s possible to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime. However, there are times when it’s in the interests of your oral health to remove a tooth. In these cases, look no further than Cliftonville Dental. We can provide dental implants from market-leading brand Nobel Biocare, with custom-made restorations that will stand the test of time.

Expertly made restorations

Every single restoration we make is as unique as the patient receiving it. When we create the false tooth (a crown) or teeth (a bridge or dentures), these are made with you and your distinctive characteristics in mind. We’ll closely study your teeth; the way they sit in your mouth and their shape, to create the new restoration for your implant.

We also have a CEREC machine here in Northampton, which can create high quality crowns in just a single day. The success rate for CEREC crowns is 95% and as they’re made of ceramic, you can expect a result that looks and feels just like a real tooth. This philosophy of using only the best materials is something that’s resonant across all the treatments we offer.

Another option patients have with us is to secure a set of dentures in place with implants. This is much more favourable than wearing traditional dentures, which don’t offer the same degree of stability, as they’re not secured with implants. Many long-term denture wearers come to us here in Northampton looking to replace old dentures that have become ill-fitting, If you’re interested in replacing dentures here in Northampton, contact us today.


Predictable outcomes for patients

We understand how important it is for patients that they feel in safe hands. With the state-of-the-art technology at our disposal, we’re able to confidently predict the outcome of treatment, before it even starts.

By investing in a CT scanner, we’ve streamlined the whole implants process for patients. Some of the advantages of using such a tool as part of the implants planning and placement process include:

  • Surgical techniques are less invasive.
  • Reduced treatment and recovery times.
  • They give an extremely clear picture of the patient’s mouth and oral health.
  • Painless process that patients need only sit in whilst the scanner takes photos in a matter of seconds.
  • Lower doses of radiation.

Did you know? Cliftonville Dental was one of the first practices to offer dental implants treatment in the Northampton area. We also take referrals from other practices, having cultivated a solid reputation for carrying out dental implants for patients. The Nobel Biocare implant brand has carried out more research into implants than all the other major implants companies combined, making them an incredibly reliable investment for patients. As an implant is a component that will stay in your body for years to come, we wanted to choose the best available choice on the market for patients.


Why replace missing teeth?

When you lose a single tooth, whether it be to an accident, disease or decay, it disrupts the harmony in your mouth, by inhibiting function. Losing molars (which do most of your chewing for you) means other teeth have to carry out jobs they wouldn’t normally be called upon to do. This can result in tooth wear, which warrants its own kind of treatment, with veneers, crowns, or composite bonding for example. To protect your neighboring teeth, we recommend dental implants treatment as early as possible after tooth loss.

When any part of the body is out of use, it tends to wither away. When a tooth is lost, the gum underneath it begins to shrink, as does the area of bone, through lack of stimulation. As a consequence, parts of the face such as the cheek and chin area can begin to change. Whilst the cheeks hollow out due to the absence of teeth, the chin can begin to protrude. A few examples of changes that can come about as a result of missing teeth include:

Facial angles: losing teeth results in loss of jawbone height, which lowers facial height. The face can appear more angular, resulting in a larger-looking nose and a longer-looking face.

Facial wrinkles: angular changes to the face can cause increased vertical lines that age the face.

Bite changes: tooth loss causes the way your teeth bite together to change. When this occurs, the corners of the mouth lose shape and appear downturned.

Chin rotation: a deteriorating bite can cause the chin to shift forwards, resulting in a pointed-looking appearance.

Cheek jowls: when the jawbone recedes, muscle ligaments begin to weaken, allowing facial tissue to sag.

Thinning lips: loss of teeth can result in thinner-looking lips, rendering the face older.


As well as offering dental implants here in Northampton, we also provide skincare treatment, such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and products from the world-renowned ZO Skin range. Alongside tooth replacement treatment, non-surgical treatment can enhance facial features and help reverse the effects of ageing associated with tooth loss.

It will come as no surprise to read that the more missing teeth you have, the more problems you’re likely to encounter and these problems range from functional to emotional.

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If you’re interested in dental implants treatment in Northampton, choose Cliftonville Dental for a seamless treatment journey. We look forward to welcoming you.

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