How To Get The Best Out Of Facial Aesthetics Treatment

Non-surgical skincare treatment is more popular than it’s ever been past and with the right daily maintenance, the effect it has can bring amazing cosmetic benefits. In recent years, we’ve seen the desire for minimally-invasive skin care soar. Patients are also keen to avoid a recovery period (which is often necessary with surgical skin care treatment), and seek to have treatment that looks natural and enhances their features.

Protect yourself from the sun

Did you know? Sun damage is the number one cause of premature wrinkles and lines. Whether or not you’ve had skincare treatments such as dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, you should be limiting your time in the sun (stay out of the rays between 12 pm-3 pm in the summer if you can) and taking precautions when you are getting your dose of vitamin D.

You should be wearing an SPF every day, even during the autumn and winter months, as UV rays are still at large during these months!

Squinting regularly in the sunshine can lead to wrinkles around the eye area, such as crow’s feet. We recommend wearing sunglasses with good UV protection – take a look at this advice from Specsavers, if you’re unsure where to start when buying a pair to protect your eyes and skin.

Quit smoking

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for pretty much every aspect of your health, but it’s also incredibly detrimental to the condition of your skin. Smoking accelerates the breakdown of collagen in your skin and constricts blood vessels that carry vital and beneficial nutrients and oxygen to your skin. This leads to premature ageing of the skin, in the form of deep lines and wrinkles.

Treatments like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are examples of skincare treatments in Northampton that can help to reverse the damage done through smoking. This said we do recommend that if you wish to get the most out of facial aesthetics treatment, you should endeavour to stop smoking altogether.

Limit your alcohol intake

Sticking to the government guidelines when it comes to alcohol will make sure your skin stays in tip-top shape. However, if you’re regularly exceeding this, your skin is at risk of premature ageing and prone to dehydration. Consistently drinking too much can also bring about a skin condition called rosacea, which results in redness and small pimples across the cheek area.

If you are suffering from rosacea, we recommend speaking to us about the ZO Skin Health range, which can be specially tailored to treat rosacea and prevent it from rearing its head.

Address acne early

Untreated acne scars can look uncannily like wrinkles as you start to age. Treating acne scars early with products from ZO Skin Health range can prevent future breakouts, minimising your chances of developing enduring scars in the future.

A multi-faceted and consistent skin care routine is needed to treat acne and prevent acne, and ZO Skin Health products have a proven track record for reducing acne, acne scars and improving skin tone and texture. Here at Cliftonville, we’ll carefully select the right combination of ZO Skin Health products to:

  • Slow sebum production.
  • Exfoliate skin cells to unclog your pores.
  • Tighten your pores.

Using these products every day will protect your skin from the ageing effects acne scars can have as you go through life.

Use the right products

Making sure you’re using the right skincare products, and in the right order will help to prolong and enhance the effects of non-surgical treatments.

Using products such as the ZO Skin Health range each day can help to keep problems ranging from dehydration and inflammation to pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles at bay. We offer the ZO Skin Health product range here in Northampton, and treatment is overseen by a dentist. We will explain how to apply the products and tell you the order in which to use them – before you know it, they’ll become a no-brainer aspect to your day-to-day routine, just the same as brushing your teeth!

Did you know? We offer FREE ZO Skin Health consultations here in Northampton. Call us on 01614 604545 to book yours today!

Choose a dentist for your treatment

We might be biased, but believe us when we say that dentists make the best facial aesthetics practitioners. During their training, dentists learn an excellent degree of clinical dexterity, how to apply the concept of artistry to dental treatment and how this influences the appearance of the whole face, as well as in-depth anatomical knowledge.

We understand that no one wants to look like they’ve had cosmetic work done, and Dr Arti’s experience means she can deliver the natural results patients are so often looking for. Equally, if you’re looking to make more significant changes to your facial features with lip or nose fillers, this can also be achieved.

Skin care in Northampton

Book your skincare consultation here in Northampton, to benefit from minimally-invasive non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.

If you’re unable to make it in to see us during the week, we can offer weekend dentist appointments where you can see Dr Arti Shah. She will be able to put together a possible treatment plan to address your specific skin concerns.

Contact our friendly reception team to book yourself in to see a dentist here in Northampton, who will be able to provide tailored skin care advice and non-surgical treatment, to restore a healthy glow and complexion to your skin.








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