What Are The Benefits of Visiting a Private Dentist in Northampton?

Don’t delay in visiting the dentist for a check-up, particularly if you’re yet to have your teeth checked over since the lockdown periods. If you’ve been finding it challenging to get an NHS dentist appointment, consider seeing a private dentist here in Northampton.

Here are a few advantages to choosing a private dentist in Northampton for your dental care.


You can expect state-of-the-art facilities

As a private dental practice, we feel very fortunate to have the capacity to invest in some of the most innovative facilities on the market. Such technology gives us the ability to cut down treatment times and plan treatments with a better degree of accuracy.


Some of the facilities we’re most proud to have at the practice include:


The Florida Probe

An incredibly useful tool allowing us to measure your periodontal pockets, in which each of your teeth sit along the gum line, with increased accuracy. This means we are able to make faster diagnoses, therefore beginning treatments earlier. Commencing gum disease treatment at the earliest possible stage means your treatment will be less invasive and developing problems can be halted at an earlier stage.


In-house CT scanner

Our CT scanner is an advanced X-rays machine that captures thousands of small images and pieces them together to produce a comprehensive 3D image. Having this understanding of the anatomy of your jaw, teeth and nerves provide us with information on how to best to place dental implants and to avoid areas that might be vulnerable to nerve damage. We can also identify the bone density levels in your jaw, giving us an idea of how best to proceed if you are seeking to have dental implants placed.

We are one of the few practices in the Northampton area to have this technology at our disposal and we take numerous referrals from other practices that do not have an in-house CT scanner.


Dentists are trained to a high standard

As a private dentist in Northampton, we know that our patients expect the best. Principal dentist at Cliftonville Dental Dr Anesh Patel has been practicing since 1999, after qualifying from the prestigious establishment of Kings College London. He has since continued  to study, with a particular interest in implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. This training has resulted in many referrals from practices all around the Northampton area.

We’re also lucky to have orthodontist Sama Ria, who holds Membership in Orthodontics awarded to her by the world-famous Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. Dr Sama plans and oversees all orthodontics treatments, from Invisalign and children’s orthodontics, to Six Month Smiles and adult fixed braces.


Facial aesthetics treatment, performed by medical professionals

A spokesperson from the British Dental Association (BDA) Carmel McHenry said of dentists offer facial aesthetics treatment “After five years of study at dental school, dentists will have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, so they are well placed to provide fillers”. She also mentioned this in combination with botulinum toxin treatment.


We couldn’t agree more with this statement. Our facial aesthetics clinician Arti Shah is also an experienced dentists. Through her work as a dentist, she has all-encompassing knowledge of how a person’s facial features are balanced. This is a notable asset that we believe facial aesthetics practitioners should possess. Dr Arti will take the time to carefully study the characteristics that make your skin unique to you and


As a private dentist in Northampton, we’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)


Wide range of treatments

Having to see one dental practice for a specific treatment, and then having to visit another for a different procedure can be pretty tiresome! Our patients are continuously telling us that they’re pleased they don’t need to make their way across town to have treatment performed. At Cliftonville Dental, we’re able to have everything from restorative dentistry and general check-ups, to periodontal treatment and dental implants treatment, performed in a single dental clinic that they trust. The diversity of treatments we offer also allows you a broader choice when deciding how you might like to replace a missing tooth or straighten a crooked smile, for example.

We understand just how difficult it can be to find a dental practice you trust and feel comfortable visiting in the first place. So, having to seek out another for a separate treatment is less than ideal.

We believe in nurturing the relationships we have with our patients so that they want to keep coming in for routine check-ups and the treatment they need for many years. In fact, some of our patients have been coming to see us since they were kids – 20 years later, they’re still with us now!

Shorter waiting lists

If you’ve been reading the news over the last few months, you’re likely to have come across articles outlining the difficulties patients up and down the country are having with securing an appointment with an NHS dentist.

With waiting lists in some areas of England up to 5 years long, making an appointment with a private dentist could be your best way to ensure any dental and gum-related problems don’t go undetected. Skipping routine appointments could even lead to a late mouth cancer diagnosis, or suffering from advanced gum disease that may result in tooth loss and other wider health issues.

Here at our private dentist in Northampton, we have availability for new patients. However, don’t leave it too late to sign up as a patient with us, as we have seen increased interest in the practice since the publication of articles outlining the struggles the NHS are currently under with accepting new patients.


Contact a private dentist in Northampton

If you would like to make an appointment with a private dentist in Northampton, our helpful reception team can organise this for you and book you in for a Saturday appointment if you’re not able to make it to see us during the week.


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