Can Invisalign Fix Malocclusion?

As the name suggests, Invisalign was first created to align teeth discreetly. Since then, this technology has evolved and become more intelligent. Recent research advancements have given dentists a new method of fixing mild-to-moderate malocclusion. For this reason, we recommend Invisalign to those who want to align their teeth and perfect their bite with a discreet and gentle method. 

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Malocclusion translates to “poor bite,” one of the most common dental issues we see. A poor bite can form for many reasons, such as overcrowded teeth, sucking your thumb as a child, shifting teeth or misalignment in your upper and lower jaw.

Our dentists will check your teeth and jaw alignment when you come in for your routine dental visit. If we suspect misalignment, we will advise you to have an x-ray to determine malocclusion.

Your poor bite may cause side effects, which can help us with diagnosis. However, some of these side effects are challenging and can hinder your day-to-day life. They include speech difficulties, mouth breathing, inability to bite into food, and discomfort or problems when chewing. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, contact our friendly receptionist team here so that we can help you.

Each malocclusion has a unique classification based on the position of the teeth and the relationship to the jaw. For instance, class I malocclusion refers to minor teeth crowding. Class II indicates an extensive overbite, and class III is a distinguishable underbite. These classifications also allow us to determine the most appropriate treatment. If we detect a mild-to-moderate class I, II or III bite, Invisalign can be a suitable treatment method. If severe, surgery or traditional orthodontics is the most natural route to fix it.


What Is Invisalign? 

Before discussing how Invisalign can fix malocclusion, what is this treatment? Invisalign are clear, removable braces that no one will know you’re wearing. Because of Invisalign’s active research, these aligners are at the fore of teeth straightening solutions. So, by choosing this treatment, you know you’re getting the most effective results.

The beauty of these braces is that they are removable, so you can drink, eat, brush and floss as usual.

The process:

At the consultation, a dentist will create a bespoke impression of your mouth and chat with you about which concerns you’d like to fix. You’ll also see your unique treatment journey with our ClinCheck software.

A technician will create your sets of Invisalign aligners based on these impressions. Once created, they will be delivered to you every two weeks, and each set will gently move your teeth into their final position. You must wear your aligners for 22 hours daily to get the intended results.

How long each treatment will take depends on what concerns you’re trying to fix. A simple straightening may only take six months. In contrast, treating moderate malocclusion will take more time. Your dentist will check on your progress throughout treatment.


How Invisalign Can Fix Malocclusion:

Since the mid-90s, Invisalign has straightened over 13 million smiles worldwide. During this time, their predictability and power have only kept improving.

The discovery of their patented SmartTrack material and SmartForce attachments means we now have better precision in realigning crooked teeth and fixing malocclusion. For instance, Invisalign aligners moulded out of SmartTrack material give ‘75% more predictable tooth movement when compared to Invisalign aligners previously made’ (Invisalign). SmartForce attachments, which are small, tooth-coloured buttons attached to your teeth, also let us target singular teeth with more force.

These intelligent features make Invisalign a powerful and versatile treatment. Our Orthodontist loves working with these aligners, especially the ClinCheck software, as this system supports us in determining to what extent we can solve your bite before treatment commences.

Click here to see Invisalign fix malocclusion through virtual impressions.


Here Are The Types Of Malocclusion Invisalign Can Fix:

  • Underbites are a class III malocclusion that occurs when your lower front teeth extend beyond your upper front teeth. Underbites are usually caused by your mandible, or lower jaw, sitting too far forward. In most cases, underbites can cause problems when biting, chewing and speaking. It can also lead to premature tooth wear. Invisalign can correct mild-to-moderate underbites, but more severe cases will likely need surgery. 


  • Overbites are a class II malocclusion and manifest as the opposite of underbites. Therefore, the front top teeth extend beyond the bottom front teeth. Some percentage of overbite is considered normal. Only when the overbite extends beyond 25% will your dentist recommend treatment. In this instance, you can experience various issues, such as worn teeth or jaw pain. We can correct most cases of overbites with Invisalign treatment alone. 


  • Crossbites are a class III malocclusion that occurs when some of your upper front teeth sit behind your bottom front teeth. Crossbites are caused by the upper and lower dental arches becoming laterally misaligned. In some cases, your teeth will become chipped or cracked. It can also lead to gum disease and eventual bone loss. Depending on the severity of the crossbite, Invisalign treatment can help. However, severe cases usually need extensive orthodontic treatment. 


  • Open Bites are class II malocclusion which occurs when the top teeth do not touch the bottom teeth when the mouth is closed. As the name suggests, open bites make the mouth look partially open, even though it is closed. In most cases, it can be difficult to bite into certain foods, like apples, and to chew. Thankfully, our Orthodontist can quickly treat open bites with Invisalign aligners.


Final Thoughts:

For these reasons, yes–Invisalign can fix certain types of malocclusion. Invisalign is a modern treatment that not only straightens your smile but can also transform your bite to prevent future dental issues.


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