ZO Skin Health: Transforming Acne-Prone Skin From Within

Battling with acne-prone skin?

We get it — finding a product that works for you without leaving your skin parched or triggering more irritation can be challenging. Many acne products on the market compromise the skin barrier, leaving your skin dry and irritated or, even worse, creating more breakouts.

Healing your skin can be a tough road to navigate, especially when trying to find the right skincare products for your skin type. But, with ZO Skin Health, we have the knowledge to offer customised recommendations to help support and strengthen your skin barrier. Their specially tailored products promote hydrated, protected and, most importantly, clear skin from within. 

Acne-Prone Skin


What Is ZO Skin Health?

ZO Skin Health is a medical-grade skincare brand created by the visionary dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi. Driven by his expertise, ZO Skin Health has developed skincare solutions that cater specifically to your skin type and concerns. 

Dr Obagi understands the vital role of skin renewal and rejuvenation, particularly for those battling acne-prone skin. That’s why ZO Skin Health places great emphasis on promoting a healthy skin cycle. Through the power of retinol, peptides and antioxidants, their products work harmoniously with your skin’s natural healing process, promoting cellular turnover and aiding in fading acne scars and marks. 

Exclusively available through trained practitioners, spa therapists and esteemed dermatologists, ZO Skin Health is available at our private dental practice in Northampton.

We are proud to offer ZO Skin Health to our patients, as it allows us to provide skincare recommendations that won’t aggravate the skin and can effectively combat acne while promoting healthy skin from within.

At ZO Skin Health, the focus isn’t just on addressing surface-level concerns. Rather, they strive to improve the overall health of your skin for the long term. By encouraging optimal hydration, protecting your skin against environmental stressors and utilising potent, carefully-selected ingredients, we can bolster your skin’s natural defence mechanisms and promote a more resilient, radiant complexion.


ZO Skin Health at Cliftonville Dental:

Our commitment to your skin’s health goes beyond just clearing up acne. We’re here to help you achieve lasting results and support your skin’s well-being in the process. As part of our dedication to providing comprehensive care, we will invite you in for a skin consultation with our skincare specialist, Dr Arti Shah.

During your visit, Dr Shah will carefully assess your skin and discuss your specific concerns and desired products. ZO Skin Health offers a range of treatment systems, including the popular Getting Skin Ready (GSR) protocol. Each system includes 4 core products for optimal skin health. However, if you have a particular product in mind from our selection of moisturisers, cleansers, toners, treatments and SPFs for acne-prone skin, you’re more than welcome to explore them as well.

Rest assured that our team is dedicated to providing personalised attention and recommending the most suitable ZO Skin Health products to address your unique skin care needs. 


How Can ZO Skin Health Help You?

ZO Skin Health provides a wide range of skin care products formulated to help improve acne-prone skin. With potent, fast-acting ingredients that you can’t find anywhere else on the high street, ZO Skin Health can regulate sebum production, exfoliate dead skin cells, tighten pores and reduce inflammation. These are all common underlying factors contributing to acne breakouts.

ZO Skin Health’s complete acne prevention and treatment system includes a cleanser, mask, exfoliating polish and skin renewal pads, all working in synergy to address clogged pores, blackheads, pustules and even painful cystic acne. This system is not only effective at treating existing acne but also as a preventative measure to stave off future breakouts. Obagi has carefully selected ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil that work together to keep your pores clear and minimise the likelihood of new acne forming.

We understand the discomfort and frustration associated with acne-prone skin. That’s why we use targeted formulations and active ingredients to effectively combat inflammation and soothe irritated skin. Our skincare products are infused with ingredients like niacinamide and gentle botanical extracts that work together to reduce inflammation, calm the skin and alleviate redness and discomfort associated with acne.

Our number 1 acne-fighting product is their ‘Oil Control Pads’, designed to target and prevent breakouts. This product contains 2% salicylic acid, which helps exfoliate the skin and unclog pores, and glycolic acid, which helps reduce inflammation and redness. These pads are pre-soaked with just the right amount of product, so all you have to do is swipe it across your clean skin for powerful results. In addition, we stock targeted spot treatments that you can apply directly to active breakouts to promote faster healing of spots and blemishes.


Looking for Expert Skincare Near You? Visit Us at Cliftonville Dental in Northampton:

At Cliftonville Dental, we are all about bespoke care and targeted approaches to ensure you get the best results. That’s why we offer skin consultations to all our patients before starting a new skincare routine. And let us tell you, Dr Arti Shah is a true skincare guru! She knows the ins and outs of ZO Skin Health’s philosophy and every incredible product in its range. 

Even more, when you meet with Dr Shah, she will build a treatment plan just for you. This means you can easily repurchase your favourite products time and time again, ensuring consistent results. This also allows her to monitor your progress and tweak your routine if needed. It’s like having your own personal skincare therapist!

Book a skin consultation today by calling our welcoming reception team at 01604 604545 or contact us online.

We can’t wait to help you achieve the healthy, glowing complexion you deserve!

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