New patients

Come and see us here at our welcoming Northampton dental practice

We’d love to welcome you to our practice so we can chat about your needs and priorities. – or simply so you can have a look around and see what makes us so different for yourself.

Cliftonville Dental is always pleased to accept new patients on a private basis for both adults and children.

To register with us – or to talk over your dental care needs – please complete the form or call us on 01604 604545 .

Once you’re on board, we’ll arrange a date and time for your first appointment, where we will carry out an extremely thorough examination including any necessary photographs and x-rays and then you will have the chance to discuss in detail your treatment options with one of our dentists.  Many of our new patients have commented that they have never had such a thorough dental examination.

Nervous patients particularly welcome

We often see patients at Cliftonville Dental who have had less-than-ideal dental experiences in the past. It’s also true to say that some people are naturally less confident than others when it comes to dental treatment.

However nervous you may be, we’ll always take the time to put you fully at ease, providing a safe, caring and relaxing environment. You can also be rest assured that we’re entirely dedicated to painless dentistry and will always put your comfort first.

Of course, some patients will still feel uneasy about dental treatment – if this is the case, you’ll find us fully sympathetic and able to provide practical help. We can offer non-invasive acupressure techniques to help you relax, as well as safe, modern intravenous sedation, so you can secure good dental health with complete confidence.

IV sedation treatment will make you feel drowsy and pleasantly relaxed, but you’ll remain conscious and able to co-operate with the dentist. Many patients don’t remember having the treatment afterwards and say it felt as though they simply drifted off to sleep.