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Is Six Month Smiles the right treatment for me?

Six Month Smiles is classed as a short-term, limited objectives treatment, dealing with mild to lower-end moderate complications. The appliance focuses on dealing with widely spaced teeth as well as crowding and alignment issues, more specifically where the ‘social six’ … Read more >

Once you’ve had a CEREC crown, there’s no going back….

The CEREC system of creating crowns is arguably one of the biggest advancements in modern cosmetic dentistry to date. Cliftonville Dental are one of the few practices to have embraced this state-of-the-art technology and we’re very happy to be able … Read more >

Excessive sweating – don’t suffer in silence

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a common ailment that can be the source of extreme stress and unhappiness. It is estimated that 3% of people in the UK suffer from hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating primarily affects: Soles of the … Read more >

Combat your dental phobia with IV sedation

For people who suffer from dental phobia, visits to the dentist can be a source of anxiety for weeks before a scheduled appointment. IV sedation is one of the most significant advancements in modern dentistry, helping patients feel at ease … Read more >

How veneers can transform your smile

Do you have a cracked, chipped, discoloured, widely spaced or damaged tooth? Dental veneers are a highly aesthetic solution with very little preparation involved. Let’s take a look at the details surrounding dental veneers treatment…. What is involved with dental … Read more >

Identifying gum disease: State-of-the-art Florida Probe at Cliftonville

We strive to offer our patients the highest level of treatment possible and part of this is investing in new technology for the practice. A few years ago we introduced the Florida Probe system to Cliftonville, so patients can now … Read more >

5 reasons to come to Cliftonville for your treatment

Cliftonville welcome patients from all corners of the Northampton area, so why not pop in and see what options are available to you?  We can help with hyperhidrosis – We understand how much excessive sweating can affect your confidence and … Read more >

Replacing missing teeth in 2018

Do you have a missing tooth and have you been putting off visiting us to tackle it? Make 2018 the year you restore you smile…. Don’t delay in replacing a missing tooth…. The consequences of failing to replace a missing … Read more >

The benefits of Botox – how can this facial aesthetics treatment help you in 2018?

Botox can be used to treat deep facial wrinkles such as crow’s feet, wrinkles on your forehead, between the eyebrows amongst other imperfections like gummy smiles.Botox (otherwise known as Botox Toxin Type A) is a purified protein that is injected … Read more >

New year, new you – tooth whitening in 2018

A new year is here and you might be thinking about resolutions and the changes that you want to make. Perhaps you’re unhappy with your smile and you’re looking to boost your confidence? Teeth whitening is a globally popular cosmetic … Read more >