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Removable braces – minimally-invasive orthodontic treatment in 2018

Many adults have been attracted to orthodontic treatment in the past couple of decades and this is partly to do with the introduction of minimally-invasive braces that have removable characteristics. Invisalign clear aligners and the Inman aligner were both introduced … Read more >

Restorations – a little bit about them!

Do you have a restoration? Are you caring for it correctly? Many people do not consider their restoration to be a ‘real’ tooth anymore and can get complement about caring for the area around their filling or crown. Here is … Read more >

Tennis players and their teeth

Even the hottest tennis players in the world have their imperfections and today we’re talking about their smiles.  Serena Williams and Invisalign Serena Williams famously underwent treatment to straighten her teeth when she was 16, opting for the widely popular … Read more >

Why visiting the dentist matters at every stage of life

No matter who old you are, visiting the dentist should be a priority, as you are at risk from different issues at different ages. Don’t pay for neglecting the dentist in later life and ensure you visit consistently to keep … Read more >

5 reasons why Invisalign is so popular in 2018

Invisalign has changed the face of orthodontics, allowing patients to choose a removable and aesthetic brace option. Minimally invasive Invisalign are particularly popular with busy professionals who do not wish for their day-to-day routine to change dramatically. As they are … Read more >

Get your confidence back with treatment for excessive sweating

Everyone sweats – it’s part of being human, helping us cool down when we overheat but excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can be a problem. Excessive sweating occurs because your sweat glands produce too much moisture, drenching the skin … Read more >

Why Intravenous sedation is perfect for nervous patients

IV can change the way patients think about the dentist, offering those who suffer from intense dental-related anxiety the option of undergoing treatment under the effect of an amnesic. Many people have a chronic fear of the dentist and put … Read more >

The benefits of tackling orthodontic issues early – your children

Addressing complications with your child’s smile early may be one of the best things you do for them, giving them the confidence they need for later life. What will we look out for when deciding if your children need braces … Read more >

The magic of CEREC crowns – a new tooth in a single appointment

The CEREC crown system has taken the world of cosmetic and restorative dentistry by storm, offering patients a state-of-the-art treatment that delivers a crown in a single appointment and making use of a streamlined and less complicated treatment process. Below, … Read more >

Don’t ignore headache and jaw pain

An uneven bite can cause a range of complications that extend beyond the aesthetics of your smile. We’ve put together a list of the principal signs that could suggest you have an uneven bite as well as how this can … Read more >