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Orthodontics at Cliftonville: choose from 3 revolutionary systems

Brace designs have come a long way since the days of unsightly and clunky metal brace types; this has triggered a rise in the number of adults seeking to have treatment, with less invasive options available to this demographic. We … Read more >

Top 5 reasons to make time for hygienist appointments

From a young age we are (rightly) imbued with the lesson that we must look after our teeth to make sure they are healthy into our older years and yet, the same emphasis is not placed on our oral hygiene … Read more >

Replacing a missing tooth: dentures and implants

A missing tooth can present all kinds of difficulties, affecting your ability to break down your food correctly, your confidence and if left untreated, jawbone loss can occur. Here at Cliftonville, we offer dentures and dental implant as a solution … Read more >

The origin of veneers and how they can benefit you

In 2018, veneers are a highly aesthetic and hassle-free way of repairing and improving your smile – it’s fair to say they have come a long way since their beginnings back in the 1930s….. A little bit about where veneers … Read more >

Short-term orthodontics at Cliftonville

Do you have a special occasion creeping up on you? Are you worried about not looking your best? Don’t worry – short-term orthodontic treatment is available at Cliftonville, with a choice of two different appliances – the Inman aligner and … Read more >

Tooth whitening at Cliftonville: impeccable smile for summer

Summer is not far around the corner (although it may not feel that way at the moment with the weather we have had across the country!) With this in mind, you might be thinking about getting your smile summer-ready and … Read more >

Why dental implants are still considered to be the best choice for a missing

Dental implants are a fixed solution to replacing a missing tooth or indeed several missing teeth and a highly aesthetic restoration such as a CEREC crown is placed over the top to give a totally natural-looking new tooth. But there … Read more >

Top 5 reasons to have cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can benefit factors that go beyond your facial aesthetic, helping you regain confidence in your smile and yourself. Restore confidence in your smile If you are unhappy with your smile, you may have been restricting the amount you … Read more >

Dental hygiene and the Easter holidays – how to do Easter & be kind to your teeth

Is it possible to do an indulgent Easter whilst being friendly to your teeth? The answer is…yes! We’ve found some of the most tooth-friendly foods that you can enjoy over the Easter bank holiday weekend, without having to feel guilty…. … Read more >

Lip fillers: hyaluronic acid and its role in the body

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance present in the body – when you are young, your body’s supply of hyaluronic acid is high and this is what is responsible for the volume in your skin and areas of your face … Read more >