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ZO Skin Health: The Answer To All Your Skin Concerns

Are you struggling with day-to-day skincare? Perhaps you have a certain skin condition that isn’t responding to the products you’re currently using? Or maybe your breakouts are getting worse and you need to re-think your skin care routine. We’re confident … Read more >

How To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During The School Holidays

The school summer holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year for kids. However, for parents and guardians, they can be a tad stressful. Lack of routine and structure can make it incredibly difficult to keep tabs … Read more >

Is There a “Best’’ Way to Straighten My Teeth?

In the age of modern dentistry, we completely understand the desire that patients have; to find the most straightforward and minimally-invasive type of orthodontic treatment going, and to have the option of choice. It’s for this reason that we offer … Read more >

10 Ways to Avoid Sweets and Save Your Teeth This Christmas

Reduce Your Intake Slowly To prepare for the culinary overload this Christmas, practice avoiding sweets by starting a few weeks early. Gradually reduce your sugar intake by eliminating one sweet vice at a time. When Christmas comes around, you’ll have … Read more >

How To Burn Off Holiday Weight While Brushing Your Teeth

Even if you watch your intake of sweet and savory goodies during Christmas, packing on the pounds is inevitable for some people – especially during the holiday season. If you haven’t much time to add gym visits to your schedule, … Read more >

How to Reduce Stress-Induced Teeth Grinding During the Holidays

Planning parties, dinners, and holidays while attempting to wrangle friends and family far and wide might leave you grinding your teeth more than usual. The stress that accompanies holiday cheer is usually the culprit for your new jaw pain and … Read more >

7 Awesome Dentist-Approved Kid’s Stocking Stuffers

If you’re wondering what treats to add to your child’s stocking this Christmas, here are seven dentist-approved stocking stuffers for kids of all ages. Your children will love it, their teeth will appreciate it, and your wallet will be grateful. … Read more >

Party Dishes That Are Kind to Your Teeth

It’s quite hard to plan party dishes for the holidays and please everyone. It is even more difficult to plan party dishes that will still be healthy for your diet and teeth, as well as tasty. Here are four party … Read more >

Top Reasons for Your Tooth Sensitivity

If your teeth are killing you but you are pretty sure it is not a cavity, here are other possible reasons for your tooth sensitivity: Brushing Too Hard Contrary to general belief, brushing harder is not better for your teeth. … Read more >

5 Holiday Red flags for your Smile

The holidays are almost here: this means family and friends getting together to eat and drink all sorts of tasty fares that are harmful to your teeth. It is a time when we should be brushing and flossing more often, … Read more >